Thursday, January 17, 2008

2007 - The PlayUltimate Year in Review: Most Commented Posts

In January of 2007 we did this as well with the most commented posts of 2006, so here we are again. We had to expand the list to 10 because 5 posts just didnt seem fair - these were the topics that really got people chatting (and in some cases yelling)...

#10. 72 comments - Weekend open thread April 14/15

#9. 72 comments - Weekend open thread Easterns Edition

#8. 75 comments - Rutgers University High School invite

#7. 80 comments - Easterns/Westerns/YCC apps available now!

#6. 93 comments - UPA releases apps for next WJUC team

#5. 98 comments - Youth Club Champs 2007

#4. 103 comments - Post-YCC reflection?

#3. 108 comments - Top Westerns HS Open team for 2008

#2. 112 comments - Westerns Open Division

#1. 130 comments - Highlight Reel Extravaganza - The Videos

To gain some perspective the most commented post of 2006 had 54 comments... dare i say high school ultimate is growing? 2006's most commented wouldnt even make the top ten list, some impressive levels of chit chat.

Over the next week or two we'll pick out some of the best posts over the past year and highlight them as well. As always if you have tips or suggestions for the site shoot us an email at


Anonymous said...

"I think the CHS guys would have realized it, but I look like a jerk to anybody who doesn't know me, so I apologize. I would love the opportunity to play in a Rutgers vs CHS game, and when we do we shall see what happens."

from the rutgers invite post

What happened was that rutgers got their asses handed to them and went 0-3 against CHS. GOODNIGHT

Anonymous said...

not to mention it looks like you left out that one thread that had all that controversy over someones comment about a certain girls team.
im pretty sure some admin deleted that one, but it had more posts than any of these.

McCabe said...

i didnt leave out any threads, promise. i just scrolled through the blogger admin portion and wrote down anything with more than 70 comments, then ranked them in top 10. there were a bunch more threads with 50 or so comments but these were definitely the biggest ones.