Tuesday, March 21, 2006

PlayUltimate contributor - Jeph Bullard

Name: Jeph Bullard
High School Team: Cheltenham Spirit Animals, DVFS
College: University of Arizona
Current Teams: University of Arizona Sunburn
Currently Living in: Tucson, AZ
Years Playing: This will be the 5th
First Heard of Ultimate: From my freind Nick Ongpauco who was just starting out on the team at CHS
Ultimate Accomplishments: Helped take CHS to the finals of 12 straight tourniments, Started a team at DVFS highschool that was granted varisty status by the school.
Favorite highschool Tournament- Terminus was pretty cool


LittleOrphanAnnie44 said...

Cheltenhem High (near Phila.) made the finals of 12 straight tournaments?!

Which 12 tourneys?

JephB said...

the list goes something like this if memory serves

hip hop on pop(late entry divison) 04
spring cities 04
states 2004
fall league finals 04
fall cities 2004
kit cat in the hat 04
terminus 2005
hip hop on pop 2005
cities 2005
states 2005
scarsdale invite 2005

I am forgetting one, i wasvnot on the team for all of them but i was for the later ones. The only one we actully won was scarsdale.


DVFS Student said...

You are a tool.