Tuesday, December 20, 2005

PlayUltimate Contributors - Nick Kaczmarek

Name: Nick Kaczmarek
High School: Bethel Park
College: University of Pittsburgh
Other teams: Coach of Pittsburgh Impulse (youth club team)
Lives in: Pittsburgh
Years playing: 3

First heard of Ultimate in: 11th grade
Accomplishments: 2004 PHUL Championship w/ Bethel Park
Involvement in Community: I help with High School Gym demos, write weekly reports for the Spring High School League, coach the youth club team, give clinics for high school teams, etc.
Favorite Tournament: Nationals at any level
Mentors/Role Models: Henry Thorne

I was introduced to Ultimate in 11th grade by Steve Grassel and we quickly joined PHUL and finished second that first season to Mt. Lebo. We got serious in 2004 (well as serious as a group of 7 close friends can get about Ultimate in high school) and attended a bunch of tournaments including Juniors Terminus (3rd place finish was a highlight at the time). We also won the league that year. I was one of those confused throwers with a righty flick and a lefty backhand until Dave Lionetti told me about all the wonders of being a lefty (like being incapable of travels and impossible to mark). Playing on PITT finally woke me up during my freshman year and got me to finally improve as a player. My most meaningful experience in Ultimate so far has been spending a summer coaching a great group of youth players from Pittsburgh, but that'll be topped eventually.


Jay said...

Alright, Nick! Impulse will be sweet this summer.