Thursday, January 17, 2008

find more ultimate content online (shameless plug)

josh has added a new podcast on the UltiVerse, which im listening to right now, there are now by my count more than 20 or 30 regularly posting bloggers on at least the club and college scene, RSD is being overrun by spam bots, there are other podcasts overseas, is collecting some of the best blogs out there, but by no means is getting to all of them... so whats a ultimate addict to do? where to look for new or good content...

(you might know where im going with this) seems to be a good start, submit your own ultimate-related content, promote or demote what other people submit to find the best content on the web.

if you haven't tried it yet, give it a whirl - especially if you are creating content (videos, audio, any sort of writing, promoting tournaments or fundraisers - put it on there). if you have tried it in the past, give it another look and vote a few things up or down: get involved!

feel free to use this as an open thread if you would like to talk about something else.

(ps - from now on im going for at least 1 post a week from here until the end of time, increasing naturally closer to the season and easterns/westerns/yccs/worlds - so visit often!!)