Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Youth Club Champs 2007

So let's hear it -- What do you have to say about the upcoming Youth Club Champs?

Comment away!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer reading assignments (blogs and other ultimate necessities)

So school is done, you dont have homework and you can finally focus your studies to what matters most... ultimate. Below is what id like to call the summer reading list for 2007, a collection of blogs, books, and other websites that should more than satiate that appetite for ultimate knowledge and fill those extra hours of free time.


Training resources
Good sites in general
  • PlayUltimate.us - the MOST up to date, user-driven ultimate news site on the internet. YOU can submit anything ultimate-related you want here (and please do!)
  • Ultimate Handbook - great place for the absolute basics of ultimate strategy, after you get through all of this buy Ultimate Techniques and Tactics
There are a ton of other links scattered around the site, predominantly on the right hand sidebar. The archives are gradually becoming a wealth of high school ultimate information (and are easily seachable!), and all the videos are great if you want a respite from reading.

Feel free to add to this list, post anything you think is an absolute must read during the "off-season"

(ps - an apology for not posting more regularly as of late, i am currently in rome on a study abroad trip, i will be back in august right before the YCC with more frequent posting)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The roster for the BUDA YCC Mixed Team, "Just BUDA", has been set. There are 19 players on the roster from 11 schools spanning four states.

The team is led by head coach Josh Seamon and assistant coaches Bryan Galante and David Friedman.

So far the team has run two 6 hour tryouts, played in the Easterns Open Division at the Boston Invite, and played in a Juniors Round Robin. The team lost all 6 of their games in the Boston Invite, but managed to score 3,4,3,8,9, and 8 goals in their 6 games against open teams. At the Junior's Round Robin on 7/7 Just BUDA defeated the NEPSUL YCC Mixed team 15-2 and a junior mixed team from Sherbrooke Canada 15-3.

There are currently three team photo galleries online: Tryout #2, The Boston Invite, and the Juniors Round Robin.

The team will be playing in two more tournaments before the Youth Club Champs. The team will travel to Scotia, NY for the 23rd Annual Ow My Knee on 7/21-22 and to Hingham, MA on 8/4-5 for the 20th Annual Hingham Invite.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Churchill HS Westerns 2005 HL

The 2005 Western Championships are long over, but after nearly 2 years of collecting dust, I finally got the tapes on to my computer and edited the footage. The quality is nothing like we're able to do now, but I hope people still enjoy it. My players had been asking for it for a long time, and finally it is done.

Westerns 2005 Open HL - itunes version (.mp4 640x360 96.8MB)
Westerns 2005 Open HL - web version (.mov 640x360 92.4MB)
Westerns 2005 Open HL - google
Westerns 2005 Open HL - youtube
Westerns 2005 Girls HL - itunes version (.mp4 640x360 20.1MB)
Westerns 2005 Girls HL - web version (.mov 640x360 19.2MB)

Westerns 2005 Girls HL - google
Westerns 2005 Girls HL - youtube

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Churchill HS Mixed OHSUC HL Video

Hate us or love us, we put out a lot of highlight videos during the ultimate seasons. Our last ones just got completed.

As a bit of a preview, the two highlight videos going online are from OHSUC (Oregon High School Ultimate Championship), our mixed division state tournament on May 28/29. This year Churchill attended with 3 teams (Varsity, JV, and our beloved Freshmen). Also at the tournament was EMU (Eugene Middleschool Ultimate), who was also filmed (since I still had not returned the second HD camera we got for Westerns, which was how we were able to get HD footage of both our Open & Girls teams).
Anyways, back to OHSUC that happened the weekend right after Westerns. OHSUC was a bit of a different tournament than the highly competitive and serious nature of the weekend before. And as such, we took the tournament a bit less serious, especially our varsity team comprised of seniors who nearly spent more time recording inbetween footage than actual game play... The second video brings together footage from both the JV and Freshmen teams.

OHSUC 2007:
Varsity/EMU HL - (ipod version) / (web version) / (google) / (youtube)
JV/Freshman HL - (ipod version) / (web version) / (google) / (youtube)