Thursday, June 22, 2006

2006 College Choices

so i was checking out the post from a few days ago on college choices by high school ultimate players, and i thought it would be interesting and more useful to reorganize them by college decision. so if you are interested in it, click the continue reading link for the full list.

i think this is going to become a annual post, so yeah - come back next year for the same thing.

a few highlights -

-Carleton is picking up at least three top end recruits from around the country.
-Pittsburgh is cleaning up taking most of the top graduating players from both the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia leagues.
-San Francisco State is picking up at least three recruits.

a lot of established teams are seeing a good number of current players attend, but perhaps more interesting is that schools that dont even have teams yet are getting 2 or more players - im thinking this is going to lead to two things - 1. top tier teams are going to start off at an even bigger advantage over those who are trying to mold players from complete scratch and 2. those few remaining schools without teams will have them within the next 3-4 years.

you heard it called here first, click continue reading to see if your school picked up any prospects...

(note this is just from the comments on this site, feel free to add additional information)

College Name Name High School State League JW TryOut JW Team YCC
Bloomsburg Smith, Ben PA PHUL
Boston College Szabo, Andrew Princeton NJ
Boston College Szabo, John Princeton NJ
Bowling Green U Sirney, Christian PA PHUL
Brandeis Leiblich, Seth Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Brown Abrahams, Max Lower Merion PA PHUEL X
Bucknell Shipe, Brent PA PHUL
Carleton Alexander, Eric Lower Merion PA PHUEL X
Carleton Draper, Kevin Castro Valley CA
Carleton Kanner, Sam Amherst MA X X
Carnegie Mellon Saris, Bob Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Carnegie Mellon Smith, Zack PA PHUL
Carnegie Mellon Su, Hao Mt. Lebonan PA PHUL
Chico Faccenda, Tony Terra Nova CA
Claremont McKenna Sasso, Brendan Terra Nova CA
Colorado State Bronson, Chris South Eugene OR
Connecticut Cllge Tunnel, Leila Paiedia GA
Cornell Kadesch, Alex Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Cornell Shull, Art CB East PA PHUEL
Earlham Hoedeman, Anne PA PHUL
Elon Bleam, Ryan CB East PA PHUEL
George Washington Gowa, Tim Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Goucher Vitiello, Maxx Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Hartford Jones, Alex Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Harvey Mudd Floyd, Nic South Eugene OR
Hofstra Brandolph, Dave Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Humboldt Hancock, Kyle Terra Nova CA
Indiana U of Penn Adi, Shai Lower Merion PA PHUEL
James Madison U. Lee, James PA PHUL
Johns Hopkins Barber, Adam Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Kansas Kaminsky, Justin Hopkins MN
Lake Forrest Jou, Jin-Houn Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Lewis and Clark Colpitts, Kelsey Seattle AcademWA
Minnesota Arenson, Mike Hopkins MN
Minnesota-Duluth Kakou, Yossi Hopkins MN
Mizzou Dentina, Christin
NC State Panasci, Stephen Columbia NJ X X
Northwestern Arganbirght, JohnLower Merion PA PHUEL
New York Univ. Schwaid, Adam Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Oberlin Herrine, Luke Lower Merion PA PHUEL X
Oregon Norton, Chris South Eugene OR
Penn State Maio, Mike CB East PA PHUEL
Penn State Nevison, Brian Lower Merion PA PHUEL X
Penn State Yu, Bryant Princeton NJ
Pittsburgh Baynes, Kyle Wissahickon PA PHUEL
Pittsburgh Brenenborg, ChrisCatholic HS PA PHUL X X
Pittsburgh Huebrin, Jay Hampton PA PHUL
Pittsburgh Lawry, Christie Hampton PA PHUL
Pittsburgh Miller, Jack PA PHUL
Pittsburgh Peters, Eddie CB East PA PHUEL X
Pittsburgh Zortea, Justin CB East PA PHUEL
Queen's Univ. Vanni, Chris Lower Merion PA PHUEL X
Rice Huang, Eddie Princeton NJ
Rutgers Lian, Brian Watchung Hlls NJ
Rutgers Poole, Glen Watchung Hlls NJ
San Fran State Harris, Shane Alameda CA
San Fran State Murphy, Connor Alameda CA
San Fran State Sung, Matt Castro Valley CA X X
Seattle Univ. Sherwood, Julia South Eugene OR
Stanford Pacala, Angus Princeton NJ
Stanford Thompson, Ryan Columbia NJ
Temple Herman, Sam Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Tufts Taylor, Erin Lower Merion PA PHUEL
U. of Chicago Calderbank, Mike Princeton NJ
U. of Chicago Huang, Justin Princeton NJ
U. of Penn Rublin, Dave Lower Merion PA PHUEL
U. of Penn Nalavade, Aman Wissahickon PA PHUEL
U. of Vermont Feingold, Eric PA PHUL
U. of Virginia Wildfire, Luke PA PHUL
U. of Washington Carr, Nora Northwest WA
U. of Washington O'Malley, ShannonNathan Hale WA
UC Davis DeJong, Jeff Terra Nova CA
UC Davis Lahey, Taylor Castro Valley CA X X
UC Davis Morales, Emile Terra Nova CA
UC Irvine Miller, Scott Terra Nova CA
UC Santa Cruz Josepher, Ben Terra Nova CA
Ursinus Fennimore, Harry St. Joe's PA PHUEL
USP Gangemi, Andrew St. Joe's PA PHUEL
Wake Forrest Ku, Jason Watchung Hlls NJ
Wash U of St.LouisEisen, John Lower Merion PA PHUEL
Wellesley Yi, Min Princeton NJ
Wisconsin Feldman, Ben Hopkins MN X X
Yale Freidman, Gabe Lower Merion PA PHUEL X
Yale Rowney, Drew Lakeside WA

once again this by no means a complete list its just from what people have told me or posted as comments on the site, if you see any errors or if you have additions just post a comment


Anonymous said...

dave hanyok of the pterodactyls from phuel is going to brown this fall

Kevin said...

Daniel Cox - Sweet player (was on the Super Best Friends team this weekend at Solstice) from Vacaville HS (CA) is going to UC San Diego

Gray Hoffman - Lakeside is going to Davidson

Zach Montes - Lakeside is going to Carleton

Anonymous said...

Andrew Hollingworth - Amherst - Tufts (jr. worlds)

And ryan thompson was a jr. worlds tryout.

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah Berlin - Amherst - Wisconsin (jr worlds tryout)

Anonymous said...

CB East - Shull, Bleam, Peters, Maio will be at YCC

Anonymous said...

What about all the women in the JRs division where are they going?

Fantusta said...

Aman Nalavade and Kyle Baines are YCC members. So are Ryan Bleam, Art Shull, Mike Maio, and Eddie Peters.

Greg Olson from Abington is going to Brown.

Molly (I don't know her last name) also from Abington is going to U. Maryland

Todd Herman (6'4", mad fast, mad hops, plays PADA but didn't do much PHUEL) from Shipley is going to Union College

Anonymous said...

Dory Ziperstein (Amherst) going to Brandeis (jr. worlds team)

Anonymous said...

christian foster, jr worlds, amherst, going to connecticut college

Anonymous said...

Jordan McPhee (Kitsilano, Junior Worlds) and Balraj Parhar (St. George's, 2005 CDN nationals MVP, Junior Worlds) are both going to UBC next year.

weston said...

Jamie Shorey, Hawken High School, headed to Oberlin College (jr. world tryout)

Jon Goudreau, Cleveland Heights High School, headed to U. Cincinatti