Wednesday, December 28, 2005

PlayUltimate Contributors - Thomas Sanchez

Name: Thomas Michael Sanchez
High School Team: Dark Meat *CHP* (Alameda, CA)
College: I am currently a UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, or University of Oregon hopeful
Currently Living in: Alameda/Oakland/San Francisco, California
Years Playing: 3
First Heard of Ultimate: 8th Grade, but back then “Frisbee was for losers”
Ultimate Accomplishments: Went to National’s my first year on the team, Won the California State Championships in 2005, Made Semi’s at Westerns in 2005, and perfected the full-field chicken wing.
Favorite Tournament: Savage seven tournaments and the National/Western Championships
Mentors/Role Models: Michael DeSousa is my Buddha, Jeff Cruickshank is my hero.
Why you have expertise on the region you are reporting on: I am a Co-Region Coordinator for Northern California, Captain of the California State Champions, and I play a lot of Ultimate all over the place.


luke said...

did namkung coach you?

Thomas Sanchez said...

Nah, he coaches another team in the Bay Area, Hercules.

I am coached by Mike DeSousa