Monday, June 25, 2007

PlayUltimate Contributor - Ryan Thompson

Name: Ryan Thompson
High School Team: Columbia HS
College Team: Stanford Bloodthirsty
YCC Team: Garden State (NJ)
Club Team: Brooklyn
Currently Living: Maplewood, NJ
Years Playing: ~5 (spring 2003)
First Heard of Ultimate: Middle school/Club day freshman year
Ultimate Accomplishments: Finishing 2nd at Easterns junior year, making Bloodthirsty
Favorite Tournaments: Easterns, Paideia Cup, Kaimana Klassik, College Nationals
Favorite Game: 14-13 loss to Pennsbury at Easterns last year - it was an incredible battle and both teams laid it all on the line during universe point.
Mentors/Role Models: Ed Frowley (capt. freshman year), Anthony Nunez (high school coach), Mark Sherwood (capt. freshman year of college), Jit Bhattacharya (D coach in college)
Ultimate Quote: "The strong take from the weak and the smart take from the strong" - Pete Carril

My posts on PlayUltimate will mainly be focused on the NJ YCC team, reports about the upcoming NJHSU season, and the general development of youth ultimate. And while I would like to see a lot more reporting about tournaments, I recognize that I'm not in a position to attend very many juniors tournaments, which is part of the reason that the score reporter and players writeups matter so much. However, I will do my best to provide PlayUltimate and the youth ultimate community with quality and poignant reporting and articles.


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i think you need to move on Ryan

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agreed, your in college stay in college

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