Friday, October 17, 2008

Cultimate Conference1

For anyone who has not seen the limited information released so far, here's the Conference1 website.

As many of you may know, Cultimate just proposed a new separate elite division for 25 teams split into several regional divisions. Teams would play games at tournaments across the country that would count towards their overall season record, not any individual tournament victory. At the end of the season, the top 13 C1 teams and a play-in qualifier would play a national championship tournament to determine the college champion.

Schedules would be set months in advance, teams would get sponsored jerseys and pay no tournament entry fees, and more authoritative observers would be present and paid at each C1 game. There would also be a 64-team tournament for non-C1 schools to determine a lower division champion.

If this proposal went through, what would that mean for you, as high school players? Would it change your thoughts about where you went to school? What about the plan excites you as a player? What reservations do you have? The opinions of current high school players are often overlooked, but they have a lot to benefit from this - or lose.

Sound off!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rutgers 2nd Annual Juniors Invite: Grease Trucks Classic

Dear PlayUltimate Community,

The Rutgers Men's Ultimate team is again hosting a fall juniors tournament this year with the intention of furthering the cause of high school ultimate in the greater Jersey area and spreading awareness of our program to current juniors players. We are asking if could once again help us in our cause and in spreading the word of our tournament by posting the following information found at the bottom of this email on your blog and in directing any questions, comments, concerns, or bids to this email address. We believe that last year's post of our tournament helped immensely in getting teams to submit bids and in sparking discussion on the high school ultimate scene in and around New Jersey. Thank you for your time.

-Dan Johnson, Rutgers Ultimate VP and Juniors Invite TD

The Rutgers Men's Ultimate team is excited to announce their second
annual high school/juniors fall tournament, the Grease Trucks Classic,
on the weekend of November 15-16, 2008, on the Cook Campus in New
Brunswick, NJ.
The tournament fee will be $160 and we will be accepting between 12-16
teams, with each team expecting to see 3-4 games per day. Food and
water will be provided on site, and the tournament will include the
chance to learn about the Rutgers Mens' Ultimate team and buy discs
for sale, with the possibility of a college/club showcase game too.
Some teams that attended last year included PA, NJ, and NY state
champions Pennsbury, Columbia, and John Jay High School
If you are interested, or think you might be interested, in attending
then please send in bids to ru(DOT)tournament(AT)gmail(DOT)com with
the following information:
1) "Rutgers Juniors 2008" and your team name in the subject line
2) your 2008 spring season results
3) number of players you graduated last spring
4) a list of all current seniors on your team
5) contact info for any other team captains or coaches
The bid deadline is October 31st and all teams will be notified as to
whether or not accepted on November 1st. Any subsequent teams who
submit bids after the deadline will be put on a waitlist along with
the other teams not accepted into the tournament, so it doesn't hurt
to send in bids late.
Payments must be submitted NO LATER THAN Tuesday, Nov 11th.
Unfortunately we will not be able to provide free housing for the
first two teams that apply like we did last year, but will gladly help
facilitate any team in finding suitable housing accommodations. We
look forward to seeing you all next month at the birthplace of college
-Machine Ultimate

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Columbia HS 2008 Highlights

Highlights from the 2008 Easterns Champions Columbia High School.

CHS Ultimate 2008 Highlight Reel from Jonah Sprung on Vimeo.