Saturday, February 18, 2006

PlayUltimate Contributors - Sean McCall (Texas)

Name: Sean McCall
Age: 34
Lives In: Houston, TX
High School Team: Houston High School League founder and facilitator, not affiliated with a single team.
Where I First Heard of Ultimate: Ultimate was a popular next sport for swimmers at LSU so I joined in when I finished my collegiate swimming career.
Years Playing the Game: 13 years
Notable Accomplishments While Playing: Met my fiancee, Katey Forth! Played on some great teams (LSU, Houndz, Doublewide, No Tsu Oh) and won some tourneys a few times including Paganello (Italy), Kaimana Klassik (Hawaii), Mardi Gras, and UPA Southern Regionals. I've been fortunate enough to play UPA Nationals 8 times or so.
Favorite Tournament Played: Paganello
Involvement in Community: Houston Ultimate Community Director, founder of Hou HS League and competitive leagues, captain of Doublewide, UPA Certified Coach.
Mentors or Role Models in the Sport: In terms of peers, its my gangler brothers: Mike Grant and Damien Scott. In terms of mentors, its Stu Downs, Rich Sternthal, Bob DeMan.
Ultimate Quote: "Success and Luck have the distinct smell of sweat." (Don't know!) "Game Time Hoop!" (Doublewide) "It helps if the hitter thinks you are a little crazy" (Nolan Ryan, general sports quote).