Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Contributor Introduction

Name: Bryan R. Gordon

Age: 20

Lives In: Columbus, OH

High School Team: Although my school (Olentangy Liberty in Powell, OH) only had a club, I was largely responsible for the transition to a proper team after my graduation.

College Team: Ohio State's great B-team "Big Buckin' Chicken", two years

Years Playing the Game: I've been playing, outside of those bizarre gym class rules, for about five years.

Notable Accomplishments Playing: Let's be frank: My team won a game at club regionals last year. I will take that for now.

Notable Accomplishments Coaching: Placing 4th last season at our high school team's state tournament (their first games against other schools); founding the open A team in 2007 and a girls and an open B team in 2009.

Current Status: Head coach/GM/proverbial packmule, Olentangy Liberty High School Ultimate

Ultimate mentors and role models: Some people for whom I have much respect include Tiina Booth, Ben Van Heuvelen, and Josh Seamon... but I'm more a humble fan of these people than anything more. Some Ohioans I have learned a lot from are Joel Houmes, Kevin Kula, Drew Wood, Craig Poeppelman, and Josh Botti.

Favorite Ultimate Quote: "Play Hard, Have Fun"

I'm really excited to get started, so if you would like to know anything about ultimate here in the buckeye state or you have a story idea, get in touch with me. Thanks!

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Site update! New author!

Hey all,

We are proud to welcome a new author to the PlayUltimate, Bryan Gordon will begin reporting on the Ohio ultimate scene. Bryan is a sophomore playing Ohio State, and also coaches Olentangy Liberty High School Ultimate in Columbus.

He'll have a bio page up soon, but feel free to leave welcome notes here.

A side note, if you would like to report on the ultimate scene in your area, drop a line to

More exciting things coming from PlayUltimate in the near future, as always thanks for reading!

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