Tuesday, March 07, 2006

PlayUltimate Contributors - Josh Seamon

Name: Josh Seamon

Team I Coach: St. Johnsbury Academy Arctic Circle

Club Team: I currently play for Essex Seven, a mixed club team out of Portsmouth, NH.

College Team: While attending Pomona College in Claremont, CA, I spent four wonderful years playing for the Claremont Braineaters.

High School Team: I was lucky enough to play for Tiina Booth for two years at Amherst Regional, in Amherst, MA.

Years Playing: 14

First heard of Ultimate: In 7th grade during gym class. We played on pretty large fields with end zones that had no back boundary. All I can really remember of those games is putting up backhand hucks no matter how close I was to the end zone.

Favorite Tournaments: Amherst Invitational (as a HS player), President's Day (as a College player), Potlatch (as a Club player), Amherst Invitational (as a HS coach)

Notable Ultimate Accomplishments: As a coach: Founding boys and girls varsity teams at St. Johnsbury Academy. As a player: Winning HS Nationals in '98.

Ultimate Mentors and Role Models: Jethro Yu, Jim Pistrang, and Tiina Booth.

What I do in the Ultimate community: I coach the St. Johnsbury Academy Ultimate teams, run VYUL, spend way too much time worrying about fields and prepping for the SJA Invite, meet fantastic people while running UPA Coaching Certification clinics, meditate on how to contribute to the UPA's newly created Women's Outreach Committee, strategize how I'm going to run the New England High School Ultimate League's YCC 2006 Open team, and continually recruit anything that breathes to play Ultimate.