Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Purpose Stated

Its the beginning of August, the UPA magazine has been delivered and read thoroughly more than 20 times. RSD has been checked at least 10 times in the last hour, and still nothing of (excuse the pun) ultimate consequence. I want more information about the teams, the big names, the big plays the amazing catches the sweet throws, i want a Sport Illustrated devoted to ultimate and ultimate alone - with a special focus on the high school ultimate scene: the development and grassroots aspects of ultimate.

The closest thing i can find to satiate my hunger is Chasing Plastic, but it appears as if they havent published in the last year or more, and the editor wont return my emails. So rather than bitching about the lack of ultimate coverage, im making my own little dent in the forum.

A dream of mine, in the future is to run a magazine whos primary audience is the Ultimate community, hopefully with a circulation over 500,000, so this is my way of keeping that dream alive until then. (Side dream - take the money earned by said magazine revenues, expand magazine, cross brand with the likes of UltiVillage and either VC ultimate or GAIA to have a large network of intertwined goods and apparell, money earned from which will go to the ultimate in dreams - building a full size NFL caliber stadium devoted to ultimate and ultimate only, to host the national championships, ultimate training camps, whatever)

Im getting off topic. Which i may tend to do in the future. Ill wrap this up because i want to get to the actual content part of my obsession. What do you need to know about me? Just call me Matt (or McCabe), i am majoring in English writing at the University of Pittsburgh possibly with other majors or minors (political science and latin are looking good at the moment).

So enjoy the site, suggestions, tips and comments are always welcome, just click the links on the side of the page.

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