Saturday, January 27, 2007

PlayUltimate Contributors - Jay Huerbin

Name: Jay Huerbin
High School Team: Hampton Talbots
College: University of Pittsburgh
Currently Living in: Pittsburgh
Years Playing: About 2
First Heard of Ultimate: High school friends
Ultimate Accomplishments: Personally: MVP of high school senior year, 2nd year letterman in high school; Team: Winning Fall PHUL I in 2005, playing in Easterns, finishing 4th at YCC's
Favorite Tournament: Easterns and Youth Club Championships (both in 2006)
Accomplishments in Regards to Journalism: Sports writing: and The Pitt News (soon)
Mentors/Role Models: My team
Ultimate Quote: "Great moments are born from great opportunity."

I love the sport and I love to win. I'm always striving to improve my game, which occasionally leads to me losing confidence in some aspects of the game.

For those who do not know me, I feel that one of the most important parts of a team is enjoying that team. You need to have fun. As a team you need to have good times with each other; I love to have fun with my teammates.

Enjoy the game. Make friends. PlayUltimate.

What I've Written:
6/11/07 - Pittsburgh Impulse Team Roster and Review
5/26/07 - 2007 YCC Team Preason Preview: Pittsburgh Impulse
5/12/07 - UPA PA State Championships: The PHUL Side
3/27/07 - 2007 PHUL Analysis: Preseason Predictions (First Edition)
11/1/06 - Fall PHUL 2006


Anonymous said...

I disagree, I play to have fun, and if my team loses, but I know that I personally played well, I still feel very good about myself. You shouldn't play to win, you should play to have fun and enjoy the sport.