Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Big Announcement

If you want to be awesome, you will read this whole post and understand everything, otherwise you can just click the link be mildly confused and then really excited once you understand what you are seeing.

PlayUltimate has been on a mission since the beginning of the site to be the definitive source for high school ultimate news and commentary. But, as you know, and as many have pointed out in the comments and elsewhere we can't cover everything. And that stinks, because virtually all ultimate deserves to be covered, right? Right.

We only have 10 contributors at the moment (we are accepting applications for more though!), and thus we can only cover roughly 10 contributors-worth of ultimate. BUT, what if we had say 30 contributors? We could cover a ton more right?

What if we had 100? or 1,000? What if every single ultimate player in the world could inform the community when something interesting happens? What if they could submit links to pictures, videos, blog entries, news reports, magazine articles all to one place?

What if a community of ultimate players - every ultimate player - could decide which stories are important and which arent?

What if i stopped using rhetorical questions and just got to the point?

Everything above is now possible.

Announcing - ultimate news by us for us.

How to get started

  1. Go to register, create a login with password etc
  2. when you find something interesting go to and click "submit story"
  3. your story will appear on the site, browse around and click thumbs up or thumbs down for stories you like or dont like.
  4. the best stories will be at the top of the page.
You can also add people as friends on the site, then their votes will count more than random people's votes, giving you the most appropriate news possible.

I hope you all will go over and check out the site - - the only way a site like this works is if the community gets involved. I think we have an awesome community here already and would love to see it expand to cover all ultimate-related news and commentary.

the PlayUltimate blog will continue to exist in its current form with continued improvements and expansion of coverage, but this brings ultimate news to the people. YOU decide whats news. YOU decide whats important. Its ultimate news by us.

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