Wednesday, June 06, 2007

huge announcement within the next two hours

this is BIG.

make sure you check back in the next hour or two for one of the the biggest announcement in site history.

while you're waiting, apply to be a contributor!


Alex Peters said...

OK seriously, the announcement of the announcement is one thing, but the 2-hour pre-announcement announcement is just ridiculous.

All you are doing is pushing legitimate posts off the front page.

Jay Huerbin said...

I agree. We don't really need these posts and if things could be condensed, then we keep quality articles up longer.

McCabe said...

oh hush all of you.

check out sites like - gizmodo, wonkette, dailykos etc - successful blogs, multiple posts an hour. virtually whenever you visit you get something new.

if you want to make sure you read every post on the site sign up for the RSS feeds or email updates, otherwise i wholeheartedly believe that people will be able to scroll and or check through the archives.

id much rather keep the readers of the site up to date with the latest of whats going on, especially when its something as important as essentially doubling the size of the site and allowing everyone to submit things.

to each their own though, ill consider upping the number of posts that remain on the front page.