Monday, May 28, 2007

Contributor Applications availiable now [update]

Applications for contributors for June 2007-June 2008 will be released either tonight or tomorrow, have been released. You will need to submit a resume, the completed application, and a writing sample of some sort (anything in print for a newspaper or magazine would be ideal, a paper for school will do though - this is basically to guarantee that you can string a coherent sentence together.)

So if you want to get started gathering those things you are more than welcome to. The applications will be due Wednesday June 18th 2007

Really consider applying for a position as a contributor, its a great thing to add to a resume, it will give you experience writing for large audiences, the community will love to read what you write and depending on what area you are from you will have the opportunity to introduce the entire country to high school ultimate in your area.

Applications will be open to everyone, but we would like to add contributors specifically from Georgia, Massachusetts, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia to name a few.

Those are just the places I know of established ultimate leagues that we dont currently have contributors for.

The position will run for one year and you will have free reign to post about whatever you would like once accepted, assuming some sort of focus on the area you will be reporting on.

So please consider applying for a position as a contributor, if you have any questions you can post them here as a comment or email the site at

You can download the application by clicking here
Email completed applications, a resume, and writing sample to before June 28th 2007 to be considered for a position.


Anonymous said...

Do current contributors need to reapply?