Thursday, April 26, 2007

PlayUltimate Highlight Reel Extravaganza - PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Maestro, a drum roll please....

after much anticipation, much warranted anticipation, PlayUltimate is proud to announce the prizes for the 1st EVER Highlight Reel Extravaganza.

In the category of Editor's Choice...

3rd place - a "Danger" disc from the University of Pittsburgh's Women's team - Danger

2nd place - A 8x12 print of a photo from (Sponsored by

1st place - A subscription to the college season on UltiVillage's UVtv (Sponsored by UltiVillage)

In the category of People's Choice...

3rd place - an En Sabah Nur disc from the University of Pittsburgh's men's ultimate team.

2nd place - a copy of the Wildwood 13 DVD from DiscFilms (Sponsored by

1st place - a copy of the 2006 WJUC DVD from UltiVillage (Sponsored by UltiVillage)

a reminder that all entries are due by May 1st (5 DAYS FROM NOW!!!!!). All of the amazing prizes above will be mailed directly to your home address, for that reason if you would like to submit an entry you must follow the submission guidelines that are detailed here.

So start sending those highlight reels in!! For your submission to be valid you must send the information necessary to

(These wonderful prizes, and support for this contest, have been brought to you through the generous donations of the companies and teams mentioned above.)


Anonymous said...

huh, thats pretty sweet, i didnt think he was actually going to come through with prizes.


Anonymous said...

oh wow, they're pretty nice

Alex Peters said...

Just a small typo, should be an 8x12 photo, which is the 2:3 ratio you need to not have to crop anything from any of the photos on the site.

alex said...

I would love a little extension of cause washington states were just this weekend.