Wednesday, April 25, 2007

prize announcement coming tomorrow... [shh!]

Don't tell anyone, but the prizes for the highlight reel contest are going to be announced tomorrow before 5pm.

If you haven't sent in your (or your team's) submission yet you are going to want to do it asap. Check back tomorrow to see why.

All submissions are due by May 1st (6 Days from now!!)


Anonymous said...

at one point in the first thread about this you indicated that a bit over 2 minutes would be OK, so take up a whole song. you have since, however, specified no longer than 2 minutes. is it still fine to have it a bit over (say 3 and change) as we have been planning?

McCabe said...

yeah definitely, they idea is just that they will be short enough for an average visitor to the site can watch all the entries and vote on them without spending weeks indoors glued to their computer.

so id say at the absolute maximum 4-5 minutes.