Monday, April 02, 2007

Highlight Reel Contest 2007 - Let's see those submissions!!

Submissions are due in less than ONE MONTH!!

Final deadline is May1st for videos, remember the specs...

    • video of your team
    • compiled into a highlight reel
    • no less than 30 seconds long
    • no more than 2 minutes
    • upload to youtube, google video,, metacafe or your choice of hosted video sites
    • send us a link (
      • include your name
      • address to send award/prize
      • teams featured in the film
      • tournaments etc
      • and any other relevant information
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in two categories - Editors' Selection and People's Choice
      • Editors' Selection will be a vote of the contributors to the site
      • people's choice will be decided by a public vote on the website
      • prizes will be sent to the creator's home address
send an email to with a link to your submission (must be hosted by a third party - youtube etc) and your name.

Prizes will be announced within the next two weeks

So send in your videos now! Looking forward to seeing the submissions

(Reminder: all videos must be submitted via email, links in the comments will not be accepted - this is so that we can make sure we can send the prizes to the right people/places)


Anonymous said...

Weren't teams notified about Westerns and Easterns today?

Anonymous said...

How come all the videos were able to use more than 2min? I thought the guidelines said 2 min so I had to fit what I could into that alotted time.