Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring Reign 07 HL Video - CHS Freshman

Though I'm not sure it should be posted yet... as Dylan may be wanting to submit this film into the highlight video contest, but... I cannot seem to ever be patient when it comes to videos and it just went public on our site and thus, you should all be able to see it as well.

04.20/21 - Spring Reign - Burlington, WA - HS Mixed C Division:
CHS Freshman:
-itunes version - (.mp4 640x360 64MB)
-web version - (.mov 640x360 64MB)
google version is still being processed...


Anonymous said...

are those all freshman, they cant be

SAINTgeorge said...

Dylan, you did it again, man! And yeah, those are all freshman...pretty insane, eh?

Anonymous said...

thats pretty impressing

Anonymous said...

nice filming nice editing nice song, and good play