Sunday, May 28, 2006

this week in comments... 5/20-5/28

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Vacaville swept their pool with only 6 players, Alameda did it with 7. The two teams met in the semifinals (with Vacaville's roster bolstered) and at 6-6 one of Alameda's girls broke her collarbone on a layout bid in the endzone.

Alameda was left with 5 players (one went with the girl to the hospital), so they tied with Vacaville and went on to play in the Finals as a combined squad.
... from Thomas Sanchez in the weekend open thread 5/27/06

Best thing ever!

Beau gets skied!
... from Earmuffs in College Nationals begin tomorrow!
(in case you have no idea what is going on - watch this video first - ok, now you get it.... right?)

From the Bird perspective we brought a really young team to Easterns (and States), with very few having any real tournament experience. Most of the players didn't run at Easterns so we got beat by teams that wanted to win more we did. We also used our result from Easterns as a motivational tool to beat our main geographical rival (Yorktown). We were also missing our best player and captain (his brother was getting married the same weekend). Again, more than missing the one player it was lack of experience and desire to win.
... from Nick L in the Virginia State Championships - Recap

Not having Amherst and Northwest play this year is one of the disadvantages of going to a Easterns/Westerns format. The Northwest team has a lot of juniors. Maybe next year Northwest will enter one of the East Coast tourneys for the opportunity of a matchup. It would be sweet to see!
... from Anonymous in the weekend tournament - Western-sized open thread

I totally disagree with the last comment. Pennsbury and Columbia have no chance of touching Amherst next year. Regardless, Amherst will always be the best team on the East Coast, atleast in the next couple years.
... from Anonymous in the weekend tournament - Western-sized open thread

and ok, so i lied its actually 8 days this time. each week ill try to feature some of the best comments (debate inducing, breaking information, humorous, whatever my little heart desires), so the more you comment and interact the more chance you have of being "featured"? idk, everyone loves the discussion, so if you've got something to say - say it.


Anonymous said...

Minnesota State High School Championships this weekend

EP all the way

Jake said...

Top seeds from MN State open tourney are:
1. hopkins
2. cathedral (beat hopkins 4 weeks ago, lost two days ago)
3. Cretin Durham hall
4. Eden Prarie

a total of 23 teams from minnesota are playing, and the competition will be great.

if i had to choose a dark horse, my bet is Bemidji. i saw them last year: only one of them had cleats, most were barefoot, and they came to play. i don't even think the college up there (bemidji state) has an ultimate team, but i think they were in the quarterfinals last year. they are the only non-metro team outside of Cathedral (St. Cloud) so they are relatively unknown.

looking forward to this weekend. I hope all the teams have a great time.

Tom Walker said...
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