Friday, May 26, 2006

weekend open thread - 5/27/06

Columbus is hopping right now with college natties, but that isnt the only action going on in the ultimate world this weekend -

On Saturday we've got...
Grass Burn 2006 in Grass Valley, CA
Know Swill in Ligonier, PA

Then on Sunday...
the 2006 UPA Maine State Championship in Cumberland Fairgrounds, ME
the Highlander Classic in Waterbury, Connecticut
the 2006 UPA Vermont State Championships in Rutland Town, VT

and then on Monday...
DEFJAM in Silver Spring, Maryland
PHUEL City Championships (Philly) in Perkiomen Valley, PA
PHUEL City Champs Div II (also in Perk valley)
the 2006 UPA Wisconsin Girl's State Championship in Madison, WI
the 2006 UPA Wisconsin Open State Championship also in Madison, WI

and all the while the top 16 open and women's teams are battling it out in the middle of Ohio for the title of best college team in the country!!

phew, holy hell thats a lot of ultimate this weekend!! looking forward to hearing the scores and stories...

consider this thread opened...


Rob Wakeman said...

Just in from Rutland... the Compass School tops Saint Johnsbury in the finals of the Vermont State Championships. Wheaton Squire from the Rutland club throws a greatest in the 3/4 game to make all the ladies swoon.

Rob Wakeman

Thomas Sanchez said...

Grass Valley's Grass Burn was very laid back (as usual), but there was some good play.

Vacaville swept their pool with only 6 players, Alameda did it with 7. The two teams met in the semifinals (with Vacaville's roster bolstered) and at 6-6 one of Alameda's girls broke her collarbone on a layout bid in the endzone.

Alameda was left with 5 players (one went with the girl to the hospital), so they tied with Vacaville and went on to play in the Finals as a combined squad.

They dominated in the Finals against a GV pickup team only to find that they forfieted unknowingly (by combining teams). It was pretty unhappy, but everytihng worked out alright and it was a fun weekend of Ultimate.

Chapman said...

Hey sanchez,
Who on our team broke thier collar bone?

Rob Wakeman said...

I'm curious to hear about the Maine Championships - I had no idea there were so many teams up there. And since I work in college admissions, I'm excited to see many of our feeder schools were participating.

Whats up in the Vacation State anyone?

Fantusta said...

PHUEL championships --
Pennsbury Peyote > CB East 13-9 in the finals.
Wissahickon > LM 13-11 in the 3rd place game.
St. Joe's takes 5th, I believe.
Abington HS wins Division II.
BC Tech and DVFS win the spirit awards for Div I and II respectively.
Eddie Peters from CB East walks home with a SOTG award, Noah Saul from Pennsbury nets himself Rosser's "Breed Ultimate" award.

Hooray Philly.

Alex Peters said...

PHUEL City Championships photos: