Saturday, May 20, 2006

weekend tournament - Western-sized open thread

If other weekends in the past have been big, then this weekend is huge -

On the right half of the Mississippi -
UPA Pennsylvania State Championship - check out the PlayUltimate preview here
UPA Virginia State Championship
St. Johnsbury Invite - Girls / Guys
Sidwell Invite

on the Left Coast there is only one set of games that matters this weekend, its the big dance baby - Westerns - Open scores, Girls' scores.

Check out our previews from earlier this week...
Crescent Valley Open
South Eugene Open and Girls
Churchill Open

feel free to post any updates you hear, and look for recaps from respective contributors to come soon after the tournaments. I gotta be at work today, but tomorrow i will be at day 2 of the PA State Championships - read that as a promise of a solid recap.


Fantusta said...

From PA -- the top 4 seeds from PHUEL all went 3-0 on the day, winning their pools. Pennsbury, Wissahickon, CB East, and Lower Merion all move on.
In the quarters, starting 9:00 am tomorrow, I think it's all PHUEL vs. PHUL matchups.

Anonymous said...

Wissahickon played their first game 6 on 7 and won 13-9. Is their bench really that small? Are teh 6 players that good because i dont see how they were not beaten.

Anonymous said...

They're very good at not turning the disc over and can get lucky with turnovers on defense. And Aman, their ridiculously fast deep, can score on anyone and everyone.

Plunkett said...

Aman was not there when we played Bethal Park. But yea we tend to throw it to Aman a lot.

Anonymous said...

Northwest School has a tough road going forward, rewarded for winning their pool with the winner of Churchill vs South Eugene, then possibly Alameda on the way to the finals.

Alex Peters said...

PA States:

Pool C, CB East, Mount Lebo, Cheltenham, North Penn

East wins a pretty easy game against Cheltenham 13-3 first round. North Penn is nowhere to be found so Mount Lebo acesses points until about 6 or 7-0 and North Penn finally shows up with 7 players. Eventually the game is capped due to time and touch football players making us move fields 10-3 Lebo. East then has another pretty easy game against North Penn, winning 13-5, but props to north penn for playing savage. As this game ends we walk over to the Lebo-Chelteham game and ask the score. They tell us it's... 4-5 cheltenham. Wind, zone, and lots of turnovers made this a long game. With the game capped to 12 points, it's 11-10 lebo, and cheltenham scores an upwinder... and then throws it away for a turn. About 10 turnovers later Cheltenham has it on their line again, and pick is called. Thrower keeps faking. Pick is yelled by the teammates. Thrower keeps faking. Sidelines and hecklers yell PICK PICK PICK!!! Thrower keeps faking. Thrower throws the disc away. Several turnovers later and a few dropped game winners, Lebo wins 12-10. East then beats Lebo 13-5.

Making our way over to the main field site we watch Wissahickon beat Hampton 13-10, and Lower Merion beat North Hills 13-10ish. We stick around to watch the pre-quarters game of North Hills vs Central Catholic (aka Team Brenenborg). This game starts out ok, with some swinging and upfield throws, and by the end it was literally each team picking up the disc on the goal line, throwing 5 fakes, looking off unguarded swings and hucking it deep, at which point the other team would pick up the disc and immediately put it straight back deep the other way. It was like Brenenborg and North Hills were playing catch. Central Catholic started the game up 4-0 and was never in danger, winning 13-7ish. Quarters tommorow CB East vs Central Catholic.

Josh said...

Amherst JVA beat St. Johnsbury to win the second annual SJA Invitational. Beacon came in third, Amherst JVB won the spirit award.

Thomas Sanchez said...

Alameda sweeps their pool, with a tough game against Crescent Valley. They meet Broomfield in Quarters.

Northwest holds seed and sweeps their pool. They meet South Eugene tomorrow morning in Quarters.

Churchill is upset by Lakeside on Universe Point in one of the best games I've seen in awhile. They played South Eugene in Pre Quarters and lost, putting them in the consolation bracket. Lakeside takes #1 Seed.

South Eugene was upset by Seattle Academy, but Hopkins held seed and moves into Quarters undefeated.

Sick playing all day, the weather was beautiful (if a little hot) and the fields have a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains.

Thistle St. Tsunami said...

what about the other pre-quarters results??

Anonymous said...

Pre-quarters results for the OPEN division are posted on the UPA mainpage.

Lakewood (Lakewood, Colo.) def. Minneapolis South (Minneapolis, Minn.) 15-3

South Eugene (Eugene, Ore.) def. Churchill (Eugene, Ore.) 9-7

Broomfield (Broomfield, Colo.) def. Seattle Academy (Seattle, Wash.) 11-6

Crescent Valley (Corvallis, Ore.) def. Nathan Hale (Seattle, Wash.) 10-6

Alex Peters said...

PA States quarterfinals:

Pennsbury vs Hampton

Lower Merion vs Mount Lebanon

Central Bucks East vs Central Catholic

Wissahickon vs Montour

Fantusta said...

Peyote over Wissahickon 15-11 in the finals.
It was tight and Wissahickon was up 10-9, I think, until Pennsbury really calmped down and broke it.

Anonymous said...

Pennsbury wins States in 2006 to become PA State Champs twice in the past three years.

Anonymous said...

westerns updates?

Anonymous said...

Now that Westerns is finally over (supposedly), who were some of the best players at Westerns and Easterns? Any standouts? Where are they going to college? Any good ultimate schools?

Thomas Sanchez said...

Northwest Win Open over Hopkins 15-8 (i believe)

Nathan Hale Wins girls again.

as for some of the best players... Jeremy from Northwest threw amazingly during the Finals and kept Northwest's offense sharp and flowing. Probably one of the best players at the tourney.

I have alot more to say, but need to leave for the airport. i will surely update when i get home.

Anonymous said...

Aman, Wissahickon’s sick deep cutter who owned the majority of teams at Easterns, with his agility, breath taking speed and ups will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall. With some work on his throws he could be a very solid club player.

Josh said...

The SJA Open division was won by Needham. Longmeadow came in second and Watchung came in third. Bromptonville (QC, Canada) won the spirit award.

Johnny Bloch said...

Where can I find pictures for Westerns?

Anonymous said...

how does hopkins feel northwest compares to amherst?

Anonymous said...

Not having Amherst and Northwest play this year is one of the disadvantages of going to a Easterns/Westerns format. The Northwest team has a lot of juniors. Maybe next year Northwest will enter one of the East Coast tourneys for the opportunity of a matchup. It would be sweet to see!

Anonymous said...

After playing both teams this year (Nationals and Paideia Cup), I feel that Amherst would almost defenitly have the upper hand if the two were to play this season. Although, next season, without a doubt, Northwest WILL be the best team in the nation.

Ivan BW said...

i would also like to know where to find pictures for westerns

JULIA! said...

South Eugene Girls
A little somewhat biased write up of our weekend at Westerns:

South Eugene women did not take a coach. We don't have any coach but our peers which is an amazing experience. We only ended up being able to take eight skilled and dedicated players. Two of the eight players came from Sheldon HS(also in Eugene). They(Caitlin McKimmy and Torey Moore) added much to our team; they solidified our line and brought up our confindence. Adie Bovee, our only freshman has much potential to become an allstar player as she gets older. Claire Powers, a junior, will be one to watchout for next year. Chris Norton, co-captain, did much for the team as did Mara Chang-Northway and Ariel Stavitsky.

After shutting out and down 3 teams we were psyched to play Nathan Hale(#1 seed in our pool, #2 in tourney) late Saturday evening. Finding quite a few tough match ups, we lagged a bit to begin but found our rythm and made it a close game 9-8 us. After a mix up on timeout rules we ended up taking the game 10-9, unavoidably fair or unfair. Maybe we were thinking too highly of ourselves the next morning but we for sure couldn't get started in our last game of pool play against Lakeside. Starting down 3-0 then tieing it at 3-3 then down again, was the way the game went. That loss was disappointing. We came out much harder against our home-town rival Churchill in the quarters, shutting them down 13-2. Our energy was up and our legs were found, we were pumped to play Northwest. That energy carried over for us in our 6-2 lead against them. I truely think that this was the way the game should have gone, skill-wise. But after a much needed time out, NW came back and shut our tired legs and exhausted layingout bodies down. There was pure physical exhaustion, we had only wondered when it would come. We couldn't recover from the lack of subs. NW took the game 10-6. Which in the long run was the best thing because if we had mustered enough energy to finish off the game in our hands, we would have put a poor show on for the Hale final. Maybe next year or the year after, the South Eugene women will be the ones to fear. We definitely had a lot of fun being able to bring our best game to the field against these two great teams. We only wish we had had 16 stronger legs to put the cat in the bag.
-Julia Sherwood (South Eugene captain)

Rob Wakeman said...

Saint Jay's was a great show in less than ideal conditions. It was 50 degrees and raining for the finals, but neither Longmeadow nor Needham seemed to notice. Both teams came in with a lot of energy: Longmeadow was pumped to be in their first final of the year and Needham had won 10 of their last 11 games.

The Lancers rode the solid play of Alex Kapinos all day. Though he dazzled with his catches, his biggest contribution was probably his stellar pulling, routinely hitting the back corner of the endzone, allowing Longmeadow's defense to immediately contest the first and second throw.

Needham did an excellent of job using the entire field. Every cutter on the field contributes for them as they dump swing and break back across the field to perfection. Their epth came off of inspired play from #6 (who posted some pretty wicked fakes through out the day), #9 and #21.

It was as close as 8-7 after half, but Needham made fewer mistakes down the stretch. The rain didn't bother these guys at all - very sticky hands - and they closed it out 13-9.

Great tournament!

- Rob

Hurtem92 said...

As a Hurtem who has played both Amherst (in the finals at Paideia Cup) and Northwest School (at the finals of Westerns), here are my thoughts on how the two teams would match up.

Northwest - Much taller and combined with a handler like Jeremy, deep throws always hit the general area of their receivers (whether or not the cutter open). Jeremy must have been 40% with his deep throws, but that still accounted for 6 or 7 points. Their cup was weak and easily breakable but their man D had great poach defense. Their zone offense is not as patient or as intense as Amherst's.

Amherst- Easily the best zone defense a juniors team can put on. A four man cup to perfection can force turns on any youth team, including less patient Northwest (except against TD-O). When They struggled to break the Hopkins cup and we forced a couple turns on them. Amhersts sidelines are much more intense, and I felt that they had better coaching. After we finished half ahead of Amherst 8-7, they blew us apart with three or four points within 10 minutes that we could not answer to. Tina booth has them well trained mentally and physically. They have better all-around individual players, with each able to get open and break the mark.

Conclusion: Northwest revolves around Jeremy Norden and KC Akida. We could not stop the dumps that got the disc to Jeremy, or the cuts that got the disc to Akida. Both teams are acceptionally athletic. While Amherst is much deeper, the stars on Northwest could easily play the whole game. Amherst, however, is much more intimidating and intense with Sam Kanner and Christian running the show. Their all around knowledge of the game and its rules really gives them an upper hand on any team. It is obvious that both teams have played since a young age, and Hopkins' main chance at beating them was playing our game, which was interupted by too many unforced turnovers. Offensively, i feel we could score on any team, but it was either our lack of focus, or our tiredness that took our minds away from our offensive flow.

Final- Amherst would win 14-12. Soft cap. Jeremys deep game would be shut down by the four man cup.

I would do anything for another shot at either of these teams, H-Town represent, Dont count us out for Natties champs 08! Remember the names Shapiro, Fruchter, and Arenson, cause they're gonna tear it up in a couple years.

Yossi Kakou 41

Anonymous said...

by the way, the score for hopkins was 14-9 against Northwest.

p.s. - Keebs will dominate college series

Hurtem92 said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Pennsbury (losing one starter) and Columbia (losing two starters) next year. Both teams have very good chances to knock off Amherst.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with the last comment. Pennsbury and Columbia have no chance of touching Amherst next year. Regardless, Amherst will always be the best team on the East Coast, atleast in the next couple years.

Anonymous said...

With Amherst losing six starters, they're going to have to rebuild next year, and Pennsbury and Columbia will be looking to build on pretty good seasons this year. It wouldn't be a stretch to say they can win it all next year.

Anonymous said...

The website says that photos from Westerns will be posted soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Yossi, will you let us know when Rabbit's video goes up? Can't wait to see it!

hurtem21 said...

Rabbit's video will be out around July. We kept him busy taping both our open and girls teams at Westerns. From what I hear, it's going to be epic.

-Michael #21

hurtem21 said...

By the way, I disagree with Yossi. I say Northwest would win against Amherst. Not to downplay how great the Hurricanes are, but Northwest has athleticism that is practically unmatched by any juniors ultimate team in the nation. I seem to remember one play when KC Ikeda seemingly jumped up three or four feet in the air and and D'd a (what would have been) perfectly placed huck...A HUCK! That was quite amazing. Kudos to you, buddy.

Anonymous said...


(ps. where will it be held next year?)

hurtem18 said...

I also agree with hurtem21 and that being that Northwest would beat Amherst. Although both teams are unbelievable I think Northwest has the advantage with more pure athleticism. With Casey, Jeremy, KS, Milo and many more there a true force. Jeremy has some of the best hucks i have ever seen, and Casey was all over the place on D. Dont get me wrong Amherst is also very very good but I feel that northwest is on a different level. It was a pleasure playing both teams this year. I would also love to find out where I can see pictures of Westerns please post a website where pictures are as soon as possible. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Now that Westerns is all but over. What teams surprised you. Any standout players? Are all the standouts on the Jr. Worlds team?Keep the chatter going!!

Anonymous said...

South Eugene looked impressive. They were probably the third best team there, but they received a tough schedule needing to play hopkins, northwest and churchill. #1 and #10 (I don't know names) appeared to be their go-to guys.

Collin Smith said...

#1 is John Bloch (Jr.) and #10 is Jacob Janin (So.) and they are definitely South's standout players.

I was noticing that Northwest, South Eugene, Churchill, Nathan Hale, and Seattle Academy have very few seniors, which means the pacific northwest could be strong and competitive next year.

Noah Saul said...

Whats up with the Easterns DVD. I saw someone taping and he said he was going to put it into a DVD and it happened to contain a good amount of footage of Pennsbury. I believe i recognized the guy as the Fox Chapel player who wore the jersey with red flames last year, but i cannot be sure. If he or anyone else knows anything about it please let me know.

By the way, after playing Amherst i do think that we (Pennsbury) and Paideia both have legitimate chances at beating Amherst next year, as both teams are virtually unaffected by graduations and played at a very high level this year. If you can match their intensity and establish a deep game early (something both teams can do), anything could happen. Paideia was easily the second best team in the East but was unable to play at Easterns.

Noah Saul #24
Pennsbury Peyote

p.s. I am trying to get in touch with Ryan #3 from Columbia if anyone has his email.