Sunday, May 28, 2006

What I did on my summer vacation... 1000 miles. 48 hours. 1 national championship.

Just got home from Columbus, Ohio watching college nationals.

Very exausted, ill sum it up like this

woke up at 10am friday morning, 22 hours later (a 6 hour shift of work included) i arrive in Columbus, Ohio - watch prequarters, quarters, and semis games. dont get to sleep until 11:45pm that night. next day - Wisconsin vs. Florida for the national title, 9 hours later back in the Philly burbs having driven 1,200 miles and been awake for 40 hours in the last two days.

and ya know what? i wouldnt have traded a single sleep deprived second of it. college nationals is an experience you dont want to miss. whether through playing (obviously) or watching as a fan, if you have even a remote chance of going to see the tournament - do it.

ill get a recap of the games i saw (UGA vs. Colorado, Stanford vs. Florida, Wisc vs. Florida as well as portions of a ton of others), as well as other fun anecdotes etc as soon as i catch up on sleep (and see the PHUEL champs tomorrow)


Collin Smith said...

Sounds like an awesome trip, I'm hoping that it will be closer to the west coast again next year. I'm looking forward to any info about college nationals I can get, though. =)

Alex Peters said...

I'm pretty sure I have you beat. Wednesday the 24th I went to practice with CB East, then did plyos afterwards, then went home and packed and got food. I then drove overnight from Philly to Cleveland. Spent Thursday hanging out with friends, then went to the Styx concert in the pouring rain, and Styx rocked the fuck out for 3 hours with real lightning for background effect. Woke up at 6am and drove the 2.5 hours from Cleveland to Columbus and started shooting games all day and then driving to a campground to play beer pong and stay the night. Repeat for saturday and sunday, then driving to Ohio state, then back to Cleveland for a while, then driving OVERNIGHT to Philly and arriving just in time to spend all day photographing the PHUEL city championships.

I think I dropped about 10 pounds from lack of food and sleep deprivation.