Monday, August 27, 2007

Preparing for the fall

(consider this an open thread)

Today is the first day of classes for many college students (and some high schools id wager), which alludes to the fact that fall ultimate is right around the corner.

This begs the questions

  • What are you doing to prepare? In terms of recruiting, training, captains, organization, planning, schedule setting etc....
  • What have you done to prepare?
  • When does your season start?
  • Will you be playing as a high school or as a local youth club team?
Or you can talk about whatever you'd like.


The Pulse said...

New Jersey and Philadelphia teams and players (anyone who is within driving distance of the fields, basically) will have the opportunity to play in a youth club fall league once the details are ironed out in the next couple weeks. Level of play should be high as everyone who wants to play YCC's next summer will need to play in the league - I believe this includes recently graduated high school players too.

I'm very excited about this.

gapoole said...

What is the age limit for the league? Would a player be allowed to play, even if he or she would be ineligible for YCCs next year?

The Pulse said...

Born in 1989 or later - so six months of people ineligible for YCC's can play. Which makes sense as it also allows old seniors to play as well (hi Josh).

Anonymous said...

just wondering...
who are captaining teams for westerns/easterns, if you know yet? what all do captains have to do for your team- organize rides, coach, paperwork, jersies?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 9:04
I'm captaining the Lakeside boys team with Julian for Westerns, and we pretty much have to do everything. We have to find faculty advisers, order jerseys, get fields, get paperwork, front money, get tourney bids, etc. Are you captaining a team?

Sam Keller
Lakeside #22 (Flobster)

Anonymous said...

To all West Coast Junior Ultimate Players/Coaches/Supporters,

The University of California Davis Dogs would like to welcome you to a fun and competitive High School Juniors Ultimate tournament on the weekend of October 6-7, 2007.

Davis Juniors Ultimate Invite (a better name will come...)

The tournament will take place on the campus' largest field space, which guarantees enough field space for atleast 14 teams. UC Davis' fields have hosted many notable tournaments in the past, which include College / Club Regionals and Sectionals, DUI, and many other college tournaments. The fields are in excellent condition, the weather is almost always sunny, and the wind is almost non-existant. What does that mean? Perfect ultimate conditions.

DJUI (Davis Juniors Ultimate Invite) picks up Junior's Ultimate where Redhand's Slopfest had left off. The format of the tournament will be extremely similar, and definitely as competitive and fun. This tournament will be Mixed, most likely 5-2, 4-3 is preferable. It is stressed that this tournament is MIXED, so don't show up without any girls to play. Traditional pool play will be played on Saturday, followed by bracket play on Sunday.

All teams on the West Coast are invited, which includes our northwest neighbors, Oregon and Washington. This tournament aims to be diverse, so we highly encourage the participation of our friends in Oregon and Washington. The farther distance you have to travel, the more likely you will receive a bid.

The bids will run at about $175. This accounts for living space for a weekend, bagels, bananas, water, and a delicious Saturday night dinner accompanied by a talent show. For $175, you will be getting the best weekend in your Ultimate season.

And in case you didn't follow what was said above:

What: Davis Juniors Ultimate Invite
Who: Mixed West Coast Juniors teams
Where: University of California, Davis. Located in Davis, CA. (Near Sacramento)
When: October 6-7, 2007
How Much: $175

If you are interested, please reply to this email, or respond with an email titled "DJUI Bid".

I will need the following information:

Team Name:
Team City/State:
Team Contact:
Team Contact's E-mail:
Team Contact's Phone Number:
Estimated Team Size:
Will you need housing?:

Bids will be announced early to mid-September, so reply quickly and get in.

Thank you very much. I hope to see you all in Davis for the best weekend of your year.

Emile Morales
TD 2007 Davis Dogs

Taylor Lahey
Captain 2007 Davis Dogs

Anonymous said...

is cold fusion happening this year?
if so, any dates in mind?

kevin said...

Cold Fusion will not be happening this year. Though I do understand that Churchill and South Eugene Will be moving their Turkybowl tournament into mid october. So that should serve as a good alternative for anyone who wanted to attend Cold Fusion.


The Pulse said...

"who are captaining teams for westerns/easterns, if you know yet? what all do captains have to do for your team- organize rides, coach, paperwork, jersies?"

For Columbia, captains will be Zander Padget, Brian Walter, and Declan O'Connell.

In the past, CHS captains have had to secure field space, run team meetings, meet with the coach(es) to discuss the season, run/attend parents meetings (these are the worst), bid for tourmaments, run practice if a coach can't make it, design and order jerseys, secure insurance for the team, make sure players are UPA members, decide on flights, hotels, rental cars, etc.

Fortunately we have had parents to handle fundraising, transportation, and finances.

saul said...

"The University of California Davis Dogs would like to welcome you to a fun and competitive High School Juniors Ultimate tournament on the weekend of October 6-7, 2007."

For those of you on the East Coast, you could come to Fall Brawl, same date, same quality fields, just in New Jersey instead of California! This is a Pennsbury hosted tournament, and it will consist of 8 Varisty teams and 6 JV, check score reporter for more details.

I am the captain of Pennsbury, and we are ALSO completely independent, designing and ordering jerseys on our own, securing field space making bids etc. Although this year Pennsbury will be associated with our school,(making us the Falcons) and also have the nicest jerseys any of you will ever see.

Isaac Saul


Anonymous said...

don't give away all our secrets ryan. i mean, c'mon.

Anonymous said...

its alright, he's got his finger on the pulse

Anonymous said...

and for anyone in the midwest, glory days will have a juniors division this year at the beautiful Naperville Polo Grounds (Chicago), bids are $200, two days of playings, and some other stuff. I think it's in early/middle of october.

Anonymous said...

Fall Brawl has been changed to November 3rd and 4th!

Anonymous said...

anyone in the philly area know when kit kat is gonna be?

Anonymous said...

the weekend of october 27th i think