Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to PlayUltimate (2 years and counting!!)

Well, we shamefully neglected to recognize our own birthday... again. Two years ago on August 2nd this site was started with a shoddy blogger template and a dream. Yada yada nostalgia.

A huge thank you though to all of you who come and read, and post feedback, and email the site and play in the tournaments and give us fodder for discussion. I truly enjoy doing this as do the other contributors, and we appreciate you stopping by to read every once and a while.

Over the past two years more than 120,000 of you have come to interact at rates between 300 and 500 a day, pouring over the almost 400 posts to date.

A little recap of where we've been....

A few months ago we released a place where anyone can submit ultimate-related news, content, links, videos, pictures. Then the community of readers decide what is cool, there is the possibility to comment on everything thats added (with nested comments, so beautiful). It has been a huge success, and without much publicity at all has grown to 70 registered users and more than 100 submitted entries in just a few months. I strongly encourage you to check it out, register and submit a few stories and comment on the ones other people submit. The more who use it the more useful it will become to everyone.

Now, you can also drag a link onto your toolbar which will allow you to submit whatever site you are currently viewing with just a simple click - making it even easier to submit things to the site.

As a result of the scope of PlayUltimate expanding I decided to give a name to all the enterprises as a whole - PlayUltimateMedia, which you can check out at In addition to eventually holding information about the "company" you can also see the latest updates from all the different sites in one place.

And a look at where we are headed...

Since the beginning ive had no intention of keeping things small. As ultimate grows, so will we. We've added wonderful contributors over the years to the blog and now everyone can contribute on But stlil we remained primarily focused on the United States.

Well today, in honor of our second year at this gig we are proud to announce PlayUltimateCanada. The latest in what will hopefully become an ever expanding network of quality sources for ultimate-related news and commentary.

We are still searching for a few contributors for the site, so if you live in Canada or follow high school ultimate there please email the site. We are hoping for PlayUltimateCanada to be just as successful as the flagship site so that leading up to worlds next year we will have a ton of international content and information about more of the teams.

So again, thank you for visiting, tell your friends about the site, join the Facebook group, link to the site, you can add the headlines by clicking the link on the lower right hand side, subscribe to the RSS feed.

Happy birthday to us, two years and counting - we couldn't do it without you.


Anonymous said...

any thoughts on what teams in the east are going to be competetive next year?

Anonymous said...

north hills, paideia, amherst

Anonymous said...

paidiea is gonna suck balls

Anonymous said...

A couple of estimates on the best teams in each state/region from north to south.
Maine- Greely High School
Vermont- St. Johnsbury, Vermont Commons school
Massachusetes- Northfield Mount hermon, Longmeadow, and of course Amherst
Conneticut- Chase Collegate School
New York- John Jay, Stuyvesant, Beacon
New Jersey- Columbia, Watchung?
Pennsylvania- North Hills, Pennsbury
Tennese- University School of Nashville, Mcallie school
Georgia- Paideia School, Woodward Academy
Kentucky- Lexington Catholic
Virginia- LC Bird, Woodside, Yorktown
These are based upon knowledge of the teams having strong programs, past results, and the size of the graduating class. One will have to see results as the ability of teams fluctuates throughout the year to determine who will do well at easterns. Ie: columbia looked weak in the fall and early spring than surprised everyone at easterns.

Anonymous said...

who is the most spirited team?

The Pulse said...

The best-spirited elite juniors games I've played have been against Pennsbury.

Anonymous said...

you must not have played many junior teams then....

Anonymous said...

geese guys stop being so mean to Ryan. There have been like 40 comments hating on him.

Anonymous said...

Nah, everyone just hates on him for loving Pennsbury, which everyone hates when people do.

on that note...

PENNSBURY HOSTED FALL BRAWL OCTOBER 6TH AND 7TH, its up on score reporter. It will be hosted in the West Windsor New Jersey area, at Mercer County Park, make a bid to myself at This is going to be a very competitive tournament in the Varsity Division, and we're also featuring a JV division for B-teams or young new teams. It is the third annual Fall Brawl.

Isaac Saul #19
Pennsbury Varsity Ultimate

Anonymous said...

Fall Brawl has been changed to November 3rd and 4th!!