Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Luke Johnson moves to the Midwest

It is a little late notice, but I wanted to let those who may care that I've moved from Eugene, OR and my coaching position with Churchill High School (and the middle schools) to pursue a seminary degree in Chicago, IL. I am now here in Chicago, slowly getting settled with classes that started two days ago. I have been honored to be the coach at CHS for the last 4 years and been part of the amazing ride our boys and girls have let me share with them on. Saying goodbye to them was the hardest thing I've done, and I will miss them more than they will ever know.

I also will no longer be the Oregon contributor and the one who will spew forth high light videos many considered beautiful, while others considered obnoxious.

I hope to get involved in the ultimate scene here in Chicago, but for now have made connections with the college teams here on campus that I helped start 5 years ago. With another year of college elligibility, I plan on playing a little more disc than I coached. I even plan on continuing to play with Oregon's Rhino team this club season and plane tickets are already bought for the Northwest Regionals (and hope to buy ones for Nationals).

I know that I'll be getting back into juniors ultimate some day, but for the time being I hope to follow Churchill and others through this blog and through hopefully more than a few highlight videos.

-luke johnson
former churchill high school open & girls coach

(ps - there will be a YCC Oregon Girls Highlight video coming as soon as I can finish it up)


Lukester said...

i just realized that the photo of me is a bit creepy... sorry for that.

Anonymous said...

just move to philly and coach pennsbury!

Kevin said...

UPA, you need to work on getting colleges more acclimated and accepting towards the sport of ultimate! here at temple, they've been trying for four years! i'm sure a number of factors are invlved with temple's malinception but seriously kids are telling me rec. departments and club departments aren't even listening to them! UPA, can you (should you) [will you] do anything about this?!?

Anonymous said...

hopkins is in the midwest, isnt it? does anyone know how they are looking this year. i know they had an off year last year but it looked like that had a lot of young players.

p.s i havent made an account yet so i am posting annon.

- Chris Stivaron

Anonymous said...

I play juniors ultimate in Chicago. To be honest, it's pretty bad, and I would stick with college.

Anonymous said...

Fall Brawl has been changed to November 3rd and 4th!!

Jake said...

the kid who started hopkins ultimate just graduated college and moved to chicago as well and will be looking to coach a juniors team this winter/spring.

keep your eyes peeled for justin berg, he'll be a fore-runner in the area before long.

good luck luke, and hopefully we'll see you soon,

Hopkins Ultimate