Sunday, August 12, 2007

Liveblogging - YCC Finals (live score updates)

C/o text messages from Ryan Thompson (The Pulse), minute by minute updates from Blaine, MN and the 2007 YCC finals - (all times EST)

4:18pm - SEPDA 7 Atl 5

4:20pm - SEPDA 8 Atl 5 - off dropped pull, Noah to J Principi - Halftime

4:33pm - SEPDA 8 Atl 6 (via Score Reporter)

4:38pm - SEPDA 9 Atl 7

4:42pm - SEPDA 9 Atl 8

4:46pm - SEPDA 9 Atl 9 - All tied up!!! Nail biter in the works!

4:49pm - SEPDA 9 Atl 10 - Atlanta takes the lead on Callahan by Grant! sidelines must be going nuts.

4:51 pm - SEPDA 9 Atl 11 - Atlanta extends lead

4:57pm - SEPDA 10 Atl 11 - philly recovers

4:58pm - SEPDA 10 Atl 12

5:02pm - SEPDA 11 Atl 12

5:08pm - SEPDA 11 Atl 13

5:13pm - SEPDA 12 Atl 13

5:17pm - SEPDA 12 Atl 14 - layout grab by one of the Atl girls #12 Lane


4:27pm - Seattle 9 New England 5 - callahan by #17

4:35pm - Seattle 9 New England 6

4:41pm - Seattle 10 New England 6

4:45pm - Seattle 11 New England 6

4:51pm - Seattle 12 New England 6

5:01pm - Seattle 12 New England 8

5:02pm - Seattle 13 New England 8

5:07pm - Seattle 13 New England 9

5:13pm - Seattle 14 New England 9

5:15pm - Seattle 14 New England 10

5:20pm - Seattle 14 New England 11

5:25pm - Seattle 15 New England 11


4:32pm - Seattle 8 Oregon 5 (via Score Reporter)

4:36pm - Seattle 8 Oregon 6

4:39pm - Seattle 9 Oregon 6

4:41pm - Seattle 9 Oregon 7

4:46pm - Seattle 10 Oregon 7

4:58pm - Seattle 12 Oregon 8

5:10pm - Seattle 12 Oregon 9

5:14pm - Seattle 13 Oregon 9

5:16pm - Seattle 13 Oregon 10

5:22pm - Seattle 14 Oregon 10


Well thats the show, the 2007 YCCs are in the books - Seattle wins Open Girls, Atlanta wins Mixed.

[edited at 10:54pm to correct 5:17pm Mixed division inaccuracy, goal was scored by #12 Lane from Atlanta]


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

guess everyone can stop talking about how incredible ATL is and how badly Philly sucks, look like they gave them quite a game...

The Pulse said...

I can talk more about the game later, but the game winning goal was scored by Lane, #12 for ATL. It was in the lane too, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Say, anon @607...SCOREBOARD.

heh. seriously, though, who was everyone? people on this site? not that i read.

McCabe said...


damn, i had a feeling i had that wrong. ah well.

A big thank you to Ryan and Chris for their updates from YCCs in Blaine.

And congratulations to all the teams who competed!

Kimber said...

Anonymous said...
no one gets double digits on seattle.

8/10/2007 5:06 AM

Booya oregon 14-10

Anonymous said...

props to oregon. they gave us a great final and have some serious skill. look for them in the next year as well.

seattle #20

Anonymous said...

lucky philly and altanta didnt have an open bid im sure it would have made for a crazy tournament and maybe prove that east coast ultimate is dicey

Anonymous said...

What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

sounds like a random cheap shot at New England

Anonymous said...

and at seattle.

Anonymous said...

well it was talking about east coast...probably just a bitter player who got lost to an east coast team, or didnt even make it

Anonymous said...

imagine philly and atlanta instead of madison and cincinatti for an 8 team tournament... (or a 10 team tournament if you want to be nice and not replace the two last placed teams).

oh, the potential competition...

Anonymous said...

If you are going to imagine, add a Eugene open team that combined Churchill and South Eugene, two of the semifinalists at Westerns!

Anonymous said...

churchill and south are ballsack.

Welcome to Hale

Anonymous said...

oh and also

Matt rehder is a baller. welcome to hale.

Allan Laviolette is a baller. Welome to hale.

Ian Rainman is a baller. welcome to hale.

Anonymous said...

and you probly have fun on the bench watching them all play

Anonymous said...