Saturday, August 11, 2007

A biased little update from YCCs

Going along with the Philadelphia mixed team, SEPDA, has been a different experience from playing with them last year, but much is the same. We didn't know quite where we stood going in, but had a much better idea that we were expected to be in the finals. We finished our first day 2-1 again, this time with a 12-9 loss to Atlanta in what could very well be a preview of tomorrow's finals. New England's team has their own ideas as well, we're sure, going 4-0 in the first day, but without playing either Atlanta or Philadelphia, your top 2 seeds, yet.

I-20 vs. SEPDA take 1 was very exciting, but Atlanta's man defense and hucks to Grant were just too much. It was not, however, any weakness of our girls, as Ryan predicted, that cost us much.

Also of note: In Open, New Jersey upsets Denver in pool B, Pittsburgh almost upsets a Seattle team that handled them easily twice last year.
In Girls, Seattle and Oregon still seem destined to play a meaningless last pool play game before a thrilling final. Seattle looks too sick.

-Chris Vanni and his lame update, out


The Pulse said...

Eliminate a couple of drops and Philly wins the game ... it will be an exciting final, although New England, going 4-0 on the day, will look to break that up.

On the girls side, the New England-Oregon game in the 6th round will decide whether or not the Oregon-Seattle game matters.

In open, New England likes to play zone, surprise surprise, and in the wind today it served them well. But if the conditions change tomorrow, they could be in for a shock in the semis. Denver is a very tall and athletic team, and Madison seemed out of sync between their handlers and receivers.