Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More americans play ultimate than Rugby, Lacrosse

From the 2007 SGMA (sports goods manufacturer's association) survey, ultimate has more "frequent participants" than field hockey, lacrosse, fast-pitch softball, roller hockey.

Via the UPA newsletter...

The Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association (SGMA), the trade association of leading industry and fitness brands, included Ultimate in their 2007 Sports & Fitness Participation Report and the numbers are impressive.

This year's SGMA Sports & Fitness Participation Report has overall participation figures for 86 sports in eight different categories (aerobic activities, conditioning activities, strength activities, individual sports, racquet sports, team sports, outdoor sports, and water sports). Ultimate was included for the first time and ranked higher than Rugby and Lacrosse, two comparable field sports. To request a full complimentary report from the SGMA, please click here.

Participation Type (x's per Year) Casual (1-12) Regular (12-24) Frequent (25+)
Soccer 6,214,000 4,770,000 3,381,000
Ultimate 2,211,000 1,038,000 824,000
Lacrosse 804,000 45,000 305,000
Rugby 275,000 29,000 379,000
so consider bringing out that statistic next time someone decides to spout the participatory inadequacies of ultimate.

(a side note, we know that much of the growth has come for ultimate in the youth division... aka you. congratulations, and lets continue to grow!)


The Pulse said...

Number of UPA members: ~25,000. Looking at the UPA member statistics, it seems clear that most players only join the UPA to play in series or sanctioned events, which leaves many ultimate players unaccounted for.

Also, keep in mind that US rugby numbers are far lower than worldwide.

Kevin said...

well, is there a united states rugby players association?

The Pulse said...

Yes ... I'm not sure what you're getting at here.

Kevin said...

i'm wasn't sure of what you were getting at beyond just showing a statistic.

it seemed like you might have been saying that the lack of upa membership is somewhat of a pressing issue with so many players unaccounted for. but doesn't 25,000 upa members in relation to u.s. rugby's, which has none of its players accounted for, seem considerable? it also seems like the upa has only been serious about expanding for five years or so.

i also only did a quick google check for a rugby association in the u.s., and i could be mistaken and there may even be one

The Pulse said...

My earlier two comments were unrelated. I wasn't making any judgments, just putting some numbers out.

As for USA Rugby: http://www.usarugby.org/default.asp

Their growth and demographics numbers are "coming soon."

Anonymous said...

interesting because everyone is way more into lacrosse at my school... and our girls won westerns!..... that may be how many people play it... but not how popular it is.


Anonymous said...

Why are there more high school lacrosse teams than ultimate? It's easy - there is NCAA lacrosse.

Anonymous said...

I played Lacrosse and Ultimate for a few years before I decided to drop Lacrosse and start playing Ultimate forever. I played Lacrosse for eight years and there are a few things that give it an edge. First of all, believe it or not, there are more Lacrosse tournaments than Ultimate tournaments. Also, they have club and high school leagues, so alot of high school plays two teams. For example kids from my area could play Pennsbury Lacrosse and Lower Bucks County club lacrosse. And beyond that, once you get to college, Lacrosse is copetetive from D1 to D3, not just in say 30 or 40 colleges that have established programs like ultimate does, so alot of time kids who play ultimate won't go to a school with a respectable ultimate program.

-Isaac Saul