Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weekend Open thread - April 28/29

Another big tournament weekend especially for state championships...

Season Tournaments

State Championships
Post scores if you've got em. For that matter post the teams if you have. For tournament directors, let the fans know whos playing! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to see who how Saturday pool play turned out and none of the teams are even listed. Especially with the UPA Sponsored/Sanctioned State championships, surely most if not all of the teams are known ahead of time, definitely at least before the games begin.

So please, if you personally are going to run a tournament, do everyone a favor and post the teams. The SRT is an awesome tool and a great benefit to the sport as an archive of the history of all these teams' seasons, but it only is valuable if its used.

End, pseudo rant.

Looking forward to seeing how these state champs (and all the tournaments) turn out!

[edit] - a few tournaments have been added to the list, and a question - why for Washington and Oregon are there less than 16 teams for the state championship? I was under the impression that there were a ton of teams in these states? Different setup, playoffs? Just curious...


Anonymous said...

Andover Invite A Division is tomorrow with pretty much all the top teams in MA minus Amherst attending.

Anonymous said...

Needham went 4-0 to take NMH

Anonymous said...

Middleton invite in CT.
Teams include
Chase Collegitae School
Watchung Hills
Middleton High SChool*
John Jay
THe Gunnery School
Columbia High SChool B
* denotes easterns team

I say either middleton, watchung, or fieldston taking the tournameny With Collegate, John Jay, and Gunnery pacing after those teams, and columbia high school B placing last.

Anonymous said...

absolutely great tourney today at NMH, very well run from start to finish with the best food iv ever been given at a tourney and nice people running things

very well done

John Barker
Needham Ultimate

Coach Becker said...

MO HS State Champies (I don't have all the scores, but here's a general version):

Desmet leading in its pool of 7: 3-1 today, losing their only game to out-of-state Lexington, a 9-11 heartbreaker.

Rockhurst leading in its pool: 4-0 today.

Everything pretty much going to seed (except my team, FHC, that is, who progressively hemorrhaged throughout the day and lost all 4--very disappointing).

Still 3 rounds of pool play left . . .

SAINTgeorge said...

You're forgetting Oregon's state championship...

Coach Becker said...

MO HS State Champies:

5:00 PM Sunday, Rockhurst and Priory tied at 5's.

Coach Becker said...

MO HS State Champies:

Rockhurst over Priory, 13-7.

In Priory's defense, they had just finished a pretty tough game in the semis vs. Desmet, while Rockhurst breezed through their semifinal game vs. SLUH. I'd like to see them play when both are fresh.

Regardless, Rockhurst is Missouri's new state champion. They'll represent the midwest at Westerns, too--so it's fitting.

Congratulations, gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Needham also went 5-0 to win Andover

Anonymous said...

Chase won Middletown fairly easily, with the only real challenge coming from Fieldston. Middletown may be an easterns team, but in their last five meetings, Chase has won four times. Definitely the best team in CT, if that means anything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting links to the States results. Just a side note, the "State Championships" are the entire event, of which some States have two divisions, Open and Girls. Some just have Open. Hopefully more and more will add Girls divisions next year. So really, it "State Champs, Open" and "State Champs, Girls".

It's easy to forget (given the bias of our mainstream culture) that girls sports are not a subset of the main event in Ultimate. It's one of the great things about Ultimate...That girls are valued equally with boys. :) Pretty cool.

Thomas Sanchez said...

California HS State Championships:

Alameda over GBK in the final 15-6

Berkeley and Thousand Oaks tied for 3rd.

Anonymous said...

Churchill sweeps the Oregon State Championships again! But, the game was much closer in the Open division than many had thought.

Open Finals:
CHS vs SEHS - [15-10]

Girls Finals:
CHS vs SEHS - [W-Forfiet]
(there is a story here, but i'm too tired to give it all tonight)

Props to south for taking second in both divisions, Summit for taking the spirit award in the Girls Division and Tribe in the open division.

-luke johnson

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the Washington State scores up on score reporter? What were the scores?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that Northwest took both divisions in WA, with Nathan Hale taking second in both and Lakeside taking third in both. Someone who was there should fill in the details.

Mike Mullen said...

I saw the last two rounds of the WA state tourney on the boys side.

NWS beat Hale in the final by 3? I think it was 10-4 and Hale scored the last 3. Lakeside beat Monroe in the final by 1 or 2.

Semi's - Hale beat Lakeside by 1 or 2 in a tight and long game. Monroe (playing with 9 players) lost to NWS by a bunch.

NWS JV X won spirit.

The girls side was a straight round robin with the team with the best record winning the title. NWS beat Hale by 1(?) when they met in the fourth round on Sat. NWS won out on Sunday to clain the title. Hale 2nd. Not sure about third.

Hale girls won spirit.

That is all I know.


Mike Mullen said...

ooops. That should say Lakeside beat Monroe by 1 or 2 in the 3rd/4th place game.

Anonymous said...

Chase Collegate School only beat CHS B by 3. 11-8. How did that happen? Best team in CT?

Ozone said...
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Ozone said...
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Ozone said...

I'm a Chase alum, and our coach often sat the starters against teams like CHS B -- I'm guessing that's what happened. To me, the 11-4 win over John Jay is more important, seeing that Middletown lost to them by two. There's no question that Chase is the best team in CT. At 14-0, they're the only ranked team still undefeated. They've also been dominant against the next highest ranked teams, Middletown and Hotchkiss, for quite some time -- they beat Middletown in all the CTUL tournaments last year, and they're 12-0 against Hotchkiss over the past four years. Finally, since 2006, Chase has won five out of the six tournaments they've played. They're definitely the best team in CT, though as the person above mentioned, it's hard to know what that means, since they won't be at easterns.

Anonymous said...

Connecticut teams really need to start playing Ultimate outside of the state.

Also, inexperienced teams need to stop thinking that zone defense is an amazing strategy. It is basically apalling to see teams turn it over and set up a zone promptly. These teams are not getting opportunities to practice regular Man O or D.

Really, this insistency on playing Zone nearly all the time is not helping to develop players. These players will have to wait 'til college to play real ultimate.

It's a sad thing.

gapoole said...

Actually, a lot of college teams play too much zone as well. The sad thing, it works.

Ryan said...

Maybe in the Metro East ...

In all seriousness, teams won't stop playing zone until you've shown that you can break it easily. Teach overheads and breakmark throws and teams will be forced to respect your handlers.

Anonymous said...

you play to win
dont cry about a zone
crash the cup
dump swing
whats so hard

Anonymous said...

no, i cry because the teams playing zone are not developing their man 0/D skills.

also, i cry because i'm growing blind from watching so much weak high school ultimate.

kids! learn to throw your backhands before you experiment with the forehand.

kids! learn to throw flick before you start tampering with overhead throws.

kids! learn to play good man offense (vertical stack, ho-stack, what have you) and good man D (playing straight-up, playing underneath your downfield offender) before messing with the often-too-easy solution of just playing zone defense.

teams should look to becoming more well-rounded rather than so one-dimensional.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, zone's boring and not very fun for O or D, but of course it's part of the game so no one should disrespect a team for using it competetively.

Anonymous said...

Just because a team runs a zone, does not mean that they have a bad man defense. Plenty of teams run zone against lesser teams to just shut everything down and force quick turnovers to take control of the game. They also do it to practice zone against a team they know they can beat, that way if they fall behind,they can switch back to man and win anyway. Then, when they go down to Paideia Cup, and the wind is blowing at 40 MPH, they can put on a nice zone to shutdown the best high school players in the country. And they can all throw forehands, hammers, and backhands.

"also, i cry because i'm growing blind from watching so much weak high school ultimate."

It sounds like you may no longer be playing high school ultimate? Which is interesting because if you are graduated, then I am positive High School ultimate has gotten better since the last time you stepped on a field for a high school team. And if you are playing high-school ultimate, don't be patronizing.