Monday, April 16, 2007

HUGE Tournament weekend

This weekend is big, very big.

Hip Hop on Pop in Philly
MadisonMudBath in Wisconsin
MadisonMudBath - girls division
Spring Reign in Burlington, WA

total: 76 teams playing this weekend. and those are just the tournaments that have put their pools online!

There is a post up for each of the tournaments that has released their pools already (just scroll or click on any of the links above)... tournaments to be added when possible: CPHUL Finals, CrossOver Challenge, and the Oakwood Invite.

There will be an open thread on Friday to report scores for the weekend as they come in. Check back often for updates and previews of the tournaments from our contributors from around the country in the next few days before the action.


Anonymous said...

add in the Longmeadow invite in Longmeadow, MA on april 22. Both Amherst and Needham will be attending

Justin Burdett said...

CPHUL Finals will include at least 6 teams from around the Central Pennsylvania region including...

State College HS
Boiling Springs HS
Fairfield HS
Hollidaysburg HS
Lancaster Country Day School
Cumberland Valley HS

We are waiting on hearing back from a few more teams for the weekend too. The tournament is a qualifyer for the Pennsylvania State Championships. We're expecting to have 2 bids this year for the PA State Championships, although official bid allocations will not come until after April 22nd for the entire state. Last year State College HS went to states as our lone representative and placed 12th.

Fantusta said...

And they were a pleasure to host Saturday night!

-Chris Vanni
LM Babaganouj '06
Queen's Mothership #29 '10

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the Pine-Richland Classic. A new tournament that will feature PHUL powerhouses Hampton and Mt. Lebanon, as well as a up and comers.

-Jack Miller