Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hip Hop on Pop Pools released

Hip Hop will be played at Edgely next weekend with the following pools....

Division I
Pool A Pool B
1 Pennsbury (PA) 1 Princeton (NJ)

2 Council Rock South (PA) 2 Pterodactyls (PA)

3 Montour (Pitts) 3 Stuyvesant (NY)

Division II

Pool C Pool D
1 Haverford High (PA) 1 Lower Merion (PA)

2 Cheltenham (PA) 2 St Joes (PA)

3 Neshaminy (PA) 3 Great Valley (PA)

Division III
Pool E Pool F
1 Cardinal O’Hara 1 CB East (PA)

2 Perkiomen Valley (PA) 2 Radnor (PA)

3 Columbia B 3 Lower Merion (PA)


Anonymous said...

Division I
The pools will shape out with Pennsbury and the Pterodactyls going (3-0) while princeton and council rock go (2-1).

The semis will be a rematch of council rock and the pterodatyls. Pennsbury and princeton will be another great game.

look for both pennsbury team to go into the finals. Pennsbury peyote will take it however it should be a great game.

1st- peyote
2nd- dactyls
3rd- princeton
4th- council rock
5th- stuyvesant
6th- Montour

Division II
After pool play, cheltenham and st. joes will go (3-0) Haverford and Lower Merion (2-1) and Neshaminy and GVH (0-3).

The semis will be Chs vs Lm, and STJP vs Haverford.

I call upset and LM and stjp are in the finals.

1st- St Joe's
2nd- Lower Merion
3rd- Cheltenham
4th- Haverford
5th- Great Valley
6th- Neshaminy

Division III

I'm suprised to not see pennsbury B

I see the final being Cardial O'Hara and Columbia B

1st- Columbia B
2nd- Cardinal O'Hara
3rd- CB East
4th- Radnor
5th- Perkiomen Valley
6th- Lower Merion B

Anonymous said...

im going to have to say princeton over dactyls.