Monday, April 16, 2007

MadisonMudBath Pools Released

MudBath will be played in Madison, WI this coming weekend with the following pools....

Pool A
A1: Hopkins (1)
A2: Wheaton South A (8)
A3: Cathedral H.S. (9)
A4: Memorial (B) (16)

Pool B
B1: Madison West (Open) (2)
B2: St. John's-Ravenscourt (7)
B3: Southwest H.S. (10)
B4: East High School (WI) (15)

Pool C
C1: Denver East (3)
C2: Memorial (6)
C3: Minneapolis South HS (11)
C4: Hopkins-B (14)

Pool D
D1: Team Ill (4)
D2: Cretin-Derham Hall (5)
D3: Woodward HS (12)
D4: Edgewood HS (13)