Thursday, March 15, 2007

PLUBBQ So-Chill Girls HL Video

I know that I've had 3 posts in a row... but, I think that there are some ladies (and hopefully some boys) who will appreciate this little video made by our very own #5 Kimber Coles and #19 Christine Wilson. Both spent a few hours in my office this week editing video and getting this done in time for Dirty Deeds this weekend.

The Highlight video shows SO-CHILL's (Churchill and South combined for this tournament) road to a 3rd place tie at this last weekends' PLUBBQ Tournament in Tacoma, WA. There were 11 Girls teams present, including 2 HS teams (Northwest was there as well).

Two ways to watch:
1. PLUBBQ07 Girls HL Video - (.mp4 format) - 2min57sec - 18MB
2. Googlevideo - (a little less quality, but streams it right now!)


Anonymous said...

nice vid...but next time find your own music, im pretty sure needham used whats golden in their 2005 fall highlight video thats linked to from the playultimate site...

Anonymous said...

sick layouts! these girls are good.

i like the name. its a nice combo.

LittlePrince said...

Haha these girls are looking good and could probly beat many open teams. nice lays and i like the music