Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dump swing video tutorial

C/o fellow contributor Jason Becker, a video to help explain and demonstrate the finer aspect of the dump swing...

enjoy, and remember submissions for the highlight reel contest must be received by may 1, 2007.


Coach Becker said...

I'd like to reiterate: This is NOT an entry into the highlight reel contest.

McCabe said...

(if its because of the label i attached, i just put the labels on anything that mentions the subject in them, coach becker is correct this is a tutorial and not an entry, i just mentioned the contest below it)

Anonymous said...

This is an alright video that showcases a basic dump-swing patter for ZONE OFFENSE.

I would guess that most teams (intermediate and even beginners) have been able to grasp this concept.

But I'm more curious to see a demonstration of the dump-swing against a man defense. Teams, more often than not, do not understand how to properly execute this basic component of man offense. Anyone got a good video out there that can demonstrate this for everyone?

Let's get a video that shows:
1) disc in the midde of the field and
2) disc on the sideline.

Anyone? Beuller? Anyone? Frye?