Sunday, September 10, 2006

HS Teams Attending Club Series?

Ben, from CHS, posted a comment in the Eastern Tournament section that I think is pretty interesting. How many HS teams are attending this year's Club Series?

If your team is attending Club Sectionals, please list what division and how well you expect to do.


CarlP00 said...

Hopkins is planning on attending Northwest Plains sectionals in the central division. However, we are entering as mixed team. I think we will do pretty well, I think we could possibly make it to the finals. The big mixed team in our section is Flaming Mo.

Ryan said...

Columbia is going to Founders Open Div 1 sectionals. I can't speak for expectations, though. I'd say they'll aim for having something left to play for on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I saw Andover HS signed up for one of the new england club sectionals.

Lukester said...

Churchill HS in Eugene, OR will be at the Mixed Sectionals for Oregon. The biggest mixed teams in the country are from our section (Whor$hack & Shotgun) and our region has Brass Monkey who won the whole thing last year. Who knows how well we'll do, but our varsity team is gearing up and will have a scrimmage against Darkstar (one of 2 Eugene Mixed Club teams who lost to Whor$shack 12-15 this last saturday).
The NW region will again have some great teams, and we're looking forward to the experience this will provide.

tiinabooth said...

I am taking a squad of JV, intramural players and ex-middle schoolers, plus 3 varsity players, to WNE Sectionals in Hanover, NH this coming weekend. (Most of my ARHS players are doing cross-country, football, or soccer in the fall, so we really don't have much of a fall season.) We are lucky enough to be in a region that offers a viable Div. 2, so that's where we are playing. In the past, we have made it out of our section as #1 or #2 and then played at Regionals/Div. 2 at Devens. That's our goal again for this year, but the kids I am bringing are fairly inexperienced, so who knows? We mostly just use the fall to give those who are available a chance to play against college and club players. I am really glad to see that other high schools are taking advantage of playing in the fall series. Best of luck to everyone!

Joe's Brother said...

Hopkins will probably qualify for Regionals (top 5 will qualify). but they will not accept the bid. Another tournament in which Hopkins can be more competitive conflicts with Central Regionals. It's a college tournament called Exit 69 Classic. I think it's pretty optimistic to say Hopkins will make the finals. There are 2 National caliber teams [my team (Flaming Moe) and a Carleton team] and the remnants of former National caliber team.

- Lou (coach, Hopkins boys)

Ryan said...

Founders sectionals has Impulse (Pittsburgh YCC) seeded 6th, Pennsbury seeded 15th, and CHS seeded 16th. Judging from the teams listed on the Score Reporter, I think both HS teams can move up 5+ teams in the seedings.

Julian Hausman said...

Impulse is not going to sectionals, this is an error, the two coaches, and the top 3 players (including the two captains) of Impulse all play for Burgh.

The Pittsburgh Open team is probably the Pitt(the college) guys that don't play for Burgh.

Anonymous said...

Yeah as someone already said Andover HS will be playing D2 Eastern New England Open Sectionals this Saturday in Brunswick, ME. We haven't played too much as a team since spring but it'll be interesting to see how we do.

tiinabooth said...

ARHS scores from yesterday:

over UVM B 11-1
over Williams B 11-6
over Amherst College B 11-1
over Slow Children 11-9
lost to UVM A in finals 13-7

We had the most fun playing Slow Children, which is the Longmeadow High School team plus Dan Casey. They are a very good team who play hard and know the game well.
So we finished #2 in Div. 2, which was one of our goals, and we are really looking forward to the competition at Regionals in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Andover High played only Saturday in the D2 Eastern New England Open Sectionals. We went 3-1 in pool play but we knew ahead of time that we wouldn't be able to field a team for the 2nd day of the tournament so we were not able to advance.

Our Scores:

win over BC B 11-4
win over BU A 13-10
Win over Bowdoin B 13-2
Loss to Brown B 13-7

peyote17 said...

Pennsbury HS [Peyote] played Saturday and Sunday D1 Open Sectionals beating Shippensburg, Lehigh, Penn State A and Bucknell, losing to Philly Open Club on universe point and Burgh Club pretty bad. We finished 5th, qualifying for regionals in VA.

LittleOrphanAnnie44 said...

If Pennsbury is attending Mid-Atlantic regionals on Sept 31-Oct 1, wouldn't they miss PADA's Kit Kat in the Hat tournament also on Oct 1?

McCabe said...

fyi for readers -

a recap of founders club sectionals including reviews of pennsbury and columbia performances will come at some point this week after wednesday... stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Columbia beat Penn State B 13 -7
lost to pike 5-13
lost to bucknell 11-13
beat carnegie melon-13-3
lost to university of pittsburg 13-15
beat carnegie melon again
and forfeited to lehigh

Anonymous said...

On the comment from LittleOrphanAnnie regarding Pennsbury possibly missing Kat In The Hat...

You're right, Pennsbury would miss Kat if they were going to Regionals, but the Peyote most likely will NOT go to regionals due to money and the fact that they would get quite a pounding.(no offense)

Unfortunately, for all the high school teams attending Kat in the Hat, Pennsbury Peyote will be there, and they will take the cup.

Lukester said...

Churchill did not do as well as they had hoped (see more on our website: and ended up somewhere in the 7/8 spot overall with only the top 4 advancing.
A last pool play game on sunday morning against a Salem pick-up team would have forced a 3-way tie in our pool. This could have set us up as the 3 seed in our pool (depending on pt. diff) and a plausable and possible 4th place over-all with the teams who were 3/4 on the other side. But, a sweet second half by Salem ended that hope and we ended up 1-4 in the pool rather than 2-3.
We played against the 6th seed in the other pool and had a fun game that ended 13-4 in favor of Churchill.

How did others do this last weekend?