Wednesday, September 06, 2006

BREAKING: CSTV Releases entire 2006 UPA Champs online

CSTV has just released not only the finals of the 2006 UPA College Championships online, but also footage from the Open and womens Semis, and Quarterfinals, as well as Pre-Quarters!!!

While only the finals and a highlight show were aired on CSTV's cable station this coverage blows
away previous years' in terms of volume.

More expansive analysis after i have time to watch all of them? Definitely.

Check out all the videos here. Comments welcome - does this symbolize a more expansive future of coverage in the future from CSTV? Thoughts?


Lukester said...

I love that CSTV does a professional job, bringing ultimate to a greater community, but a 30 second clip with about 5 seconds worth of actual playing footage played twice isn't very helpful in knowing what took place in the games.

Metal said...

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