Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fall Season West Coast Tournaments... (updated)

There are currently three tournaments this fall season on the West Coast that have either exclusive HS only teams or HS Divisions

10.28/29 - Cold Fusion
Tournament website

Description: Started around 5 years ago by Sheldon HS when it was the only Eugene HS team, Cold Fusion continues to be a location where teams from as far away as the California Bay area and northern Seattle meet for some great mixed ultimate. Last year had 16 teams with 2 Middle School teams. This year there is a call for more MS teams.
Location: Eugene, OR (Ascot Fields)
Cost: $175
Bid deadline: Around October 10th with deposit of $100

Contact: Jeremy Washburn - washburn_jeremy(at)

10.28/29 - UC Davis Junior Invite
On behalf of the UC Davis team, we'd like to invite any juniors teams around the area to a Juniors tournament in Davis this October the same weekend as Cold Fusion. We can hold 16 teams, max, on our field. We have not decided Mixed or Open at this point in time.
Location: Davis, CA
Cost: $150-175
Bid Deadline:
The bid window will close on Oct. 1st.
Contact: Taylor Lahey, x-CVHS Red Hand Captain and now UC Davis Freshman (email coming)

11.10/11/12 - TBO: TurkeyBowl 3
Tournament website
Description: Happening for the 3 year in a row, Turkeybowl will continue to be the premiere tourney for newer teams looking for a first experience. New this year will be the three day format and inclusion of a Varsity/A division. Churchill and South Eugene HS will be the tournament hosts. Housing will be provided for all teams who get on the ball early. The format will be extremely cool and suggestions are already being made in the comments section of this post.
Update: The UofO might be hosting their OFUDG tournament with us, meaning that HS and College teams will be together. It also means that HS Open & Girls teams will be able to enter into this tournament and play College teams. It also means that we might have 60+ teams if both OFUDG and TBO are in the same place!
Location: somewhere close to a Latitude of 44.1105 and Longitude of -123.2117. This will be different from where it has usually been (Churchill HS) as we will need to accomodate 32+ teams.
Bid: $0 if you are outside OR/CA/WA (otherwise it is $200/team)
Contact: Luke Johnson - luke(at)


Anonymous said...

would the teams be split up in pools depending on ability? (ie all B teams in one pool; all A in another)

Lukester said...

For Cold Fusion, there are typically 4 pools of 4, with seeding based on the previous years' performance.

For TBO, it depends on the number of teams we have. There are a plenty of options, especially considering there being 3 days of competition. I for one would like to see:
Day One: 8 pools of 4 with one cross over
Day Two: Every team reseeded based on previous day into pools of 4 again
Day Three: 4 Championships played out, each with 8 teams, and have the top 8 start one round later, allowing everyone to see the finals of the main championship game.

The bigger question is, =what would you like to see? (and who are you and what school are you from?)

Ryan said...

Would Day 2 be super power pools? I'd have it like this:

Day 1 is pools A-H.
Day 2 (pools 1-8):
Pools 1+2 are pool winners, pools 3+4 are runners up, pools 5+6 are 3rd placed, pools 7+8 are last-placed.

Then Day 3 would have two 16-team championships. Everyone in pools 1+2 make it, along with the top 3 in pools 3+4 and winners of pools 5+6.

Alternatively, if that's too many games on Monday, go with something like this:

Pools 1, 2, 3, and 4 are taken from the top 2 teams in each Day 1 pool. Each pool would have 2 pool winners and 2 pool runners up. Pools 5-8 are made up of 3rd and 4th place teams.

Winners and runners up in pools 1-4 make Championship A. 3rd place 1-4 and winners of pools 5-8 make championship B. 4th place 1-4 and runners up 5-8 make championship C. 3rd + 4th place in 5-8 make championship D.

Or you could do this:

Pool 1:

Pool 2:

Pool 3:

Pool 4:

Pool 5:


Then this would have Day 1 results carried over for the teams that stay in the same pool (like Club Nationals), and you could easily go into 4 8-team brackets or 2 16-team brackets like so:

Pool 1-4 winners and play-in between 2nd and 3rd of pool 1-4 for A. Losers of play-in against pool 5-8 winners in B. 4th place in 1-4 against play-in between 2nd and 3rd in 5-8 in C. Losers of play-in against 4th place in 5-8 in D. (4 8-team brackets)

Pool 1-4 1st-3rd qualify, and then play-in between 4th in 1-4 and 1st in 5-8 for A bracket. Then everyone else in B-bracket. (2 16-team brackets)

I will make a great TD some day ...

Lukester said...

wow. i like how much thought you've put into this. it is my guess that a 3 day tournament is something that a lot of teams would like to see happen. if you're one of those teams, we just got our field space guaranteed for at least 12 fields, meaning we're ready for a least 32 teams people!

Anonymous said...

(writer of the first comment)

I was asking for information about the Cold Fusion tournament, because unfortunately my team (Alameda B) will be unable to attend TBO/Turkeybowl. I sent a request for more information, and I was wondering if anyone else knows what sort of expenses would be required for this trip, gender ratios, etc.

Lukester said...

traditionally ColdFusion and especially TurkeyBowl have been willing to accomodate teams where they stand as far as gender goes. Most newer teams still struggle with getting females out (why i'm not completely sure), so I'm confident that 4:3 could be bent to 5:2. More than that though could be difficult.

as far as expenses, the bid cost for Cold Fusion is $175 like last year. You'd need to get here as well, which should be around $200 for a 15 passenger van rental (double that if you have more players going or need more room for gear) and then about $150 worth of gas. Then you've got meals not covered by the tournament (fri pm and sunday pm). After that, as long as you can get home-stays (which all Eugene tournaments offer), then you're looking at about $30 a player for a sweet weekend of play.

most of the time the bigger issue is getting parents/adults willing to make the drive. we had a difficult time this last spring getting down to Slopfest from Eugene since it was an 8 hour drive that only one of the 4 parents had made before. we also took 2 teams, meaning there were about 25 of us.

i would love to see you guys there if you could make it. why can't you guys make TurkeyBowl 3? it is going to be so much sweeter if we get all the expected teams.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Luke.

Yes, we would love to go to Turkeybowl 3. Many of the middleschoolers from Jr. Meat are freshmen now, and really had their heart set on it. However, there's a college tournament the same weekend, and we'll have all of our coaching staff/all of our girls participating in that tournament instead.

Lukester said...

bummer... what tournament is that?

Anonymous said...

Just to clear this up, what I had said about the Sean Ryan Invite was that MAY conflict with TBO. The tournament date is still pending, but one of the two possible dates did conflict with TBO.

Anonymous said...

From RSD:

To Cali and perhaps Oregon Juniors Ultimate Captains and Coaches,

Hey this is Taylor Lahey, x-CVHS Red Hand Captain and now UC Davis

On behalf of the UC Davis team, we'd like to invite any juniors teams
around the area to a Juniors tournament in Davis this October 28th and

The bid window will close on Oct. 1st. Spread the word to all other
teams you can contact.

The bid price will mostlikely be $150-175, we have yet to decide. We
can hold 16 teams, max, on our field. We have not decided Co-ed or
Open at this point in time.

Email me back if you are interested. We have the fields, food,
trainer, and team to run this tournament. All we need is teams.


Lukester said...

any other tournaments people know of in the Northwest that HS teams will be at? I can put them in the main post body if they are.