Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Upcoming East Coast Tournaments...

There are a few major east coast tournaments coming up, for your discussing pleasure...

9/16-17 - Founders Club Sectionals
Description: while not an exclusive high school tournament club sectionals is attracting the more seriously competitive teams in the Philadelphia areas. Look for Pennsbury, Cheltenham, and Columbia HS to start off their seasons with a leg up on the rest of their leagues because of strong preseason schedules.
Bid Deadline: already passed

10/1 - 11th Annual Kat in the Hat
Tournament website
Description: one of the oldest high school tournaments around, definitely one you want to get to if you can. Teams tend to come from the Philly area as that is where it is held but every year it seems teams come up from Virginia, Pittsburgh, and New Jersey to compete in one of the premier tournaments on the east coast.
Location: Brandywine Polo Fields
Cost: $100
Bid deadline: asap, this tournament always fills up - every single year, if you want to play you had better send in your bid quick

10/21-22 - Fall Brawl
Tournament website
Description: Hosted by Noah Saul and the Pennsbury Peyote this tournament promises to attract the better competition in the immediate area as well as more distant teams. One of the key factors in hosting an elite tournament is that the host team is itself solid competition - Pennsbury's performance at PA States and Easterns this past year leaves no doubt about that, now it just remains to be seen who will attempt to take Peyote down on their home turf. Needham from Mass. has already signed up, and one can expect Wissahickon and other Philly powerhouses to make appearances.
Location: Mercer County Park - Trenton, NJ
Cost: Varsity Div - $200, JV - $125
Bid Deadline: 10/6

early predictions? is your team planning on attending? lets hear it people...


McCabe said...

ok, ill put something out there - if pennsbury can win Fall Brawl as well as Kat in the Hat i would argue that they are one of the top 5 teams in the country.

what their hangups might be - Princeton and Columbia HS at Fall Brawl (and more than likely Kit Kat), as well as Needham at Fall Brawl.

more predictions/information as the list of teams competing grows. usually Yorktown comes up for Kat in the hat so that might prove troublesome for Peyote as well.

Ryan said...

It's the fall and still early - these tournaments don't really matter much in terms of results. It will be about getting team rhythm going and seeing which role players will step up and become big time contributors. But I'd say that Columbia and Pennsbury are already both in the top 5, and neither one will struggle getting their offense going - they lost three starters combined.

Anonymous said...

What club teams are attending founders sectionals and how do you think the hs teams will be able to do against them?

Anonymous said...

princeton contending with columbia/pennsbury? pretty much most of last years team graduated.

Anonymous said...

princeton lost 11 or 12 seniors from last year, while some of the other teams attending Fall Brawl like Pennsbury, Columbia and Needham didn't lose nearly as much of their teams, and wont need as much playing time to get back in the swing of things with their newly updated teams

Alex said...

first of all, princeton barely had 11 or 12 players last year, and although most of them were seniors some of our best players were not. But we are adding many players to hopefully get a deeper rotation so that we won't die late in games like at easterns, know swill, or states.

Julian Hausman said...

To answer Ben from CHS;

Founders Club's top open teams will be Pike, Burgh,the Philly team (it was Philly Street, I don't know if it is anymore) as well as the Masters team OLD SAG and Rust Belt (formerly ICU, but now with more former pike guys). I don't think the HS teams will do well against any of these top teams, but it says that there are 21 teams listed, so its very possible some of the HS teams could beat some of the club teams. I played against teams at the top and at the bottom, and I am certain our HS teams will be able to pull out some wins. Good luck to all HS guys.

Anonymous said...
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