Sunday, August 13, 2006

WJUC Opening Ceremonies

Kevin Draper over at "The Enemy's Gate is Down" has some really cool pictures and writeups, which you should definitely check out.

The teams are set to begin competition tomorrow at 9am if im not mistaken. Last minute predictions? All previous commenters seem to have USA coming out on top, homeland pride or the sheer impending facts? Whos gonna be that guy to call something different?

Score-o-matic will be there with live scores coming in as they happen, i will unfortunately be at work until 5pm and will not get to follow the action, so if you hear anything by all means post a comment and pump up the community hive mind.

WJUC Tournament website should you need anything else before im back to blog -

Long story short if you are looking for anything related to high school level ultimate keep it tuned here, if it happens PlayUltimate is on it.

(and if we miss something email us at and yell at us)