Sunday, August 13, 2006

Non-WJUC thread

well im sure someone out there might want to talk about something other than WJUC so heres a thread to do it, anything ya wanna talk about non-WJUC.

want food for thought, well on a whim i submitted a link to the Beau Kittredge video of yore on Digg seeing as they have new sections for videos, and specifically sports videos. It will be interesting to see how many people watch it, and then Digg it, perhaps a little added publicity for the sport for those who might not have otherwise encountered it.

To those aspiring ultimate film makers out there i suggest that when you post clips or anything like that submit them to digg, its basically free publicity for your stuff and for the sport itself. Right now the only sports videos that are being posted are the like "amazing basketball shot" "hardest nhl hit" etc, it would be nice to see some disproportional ultimate video representation.

and while your at it, if you are creating high school ultimate videos post a link here or send a link to me and ill put it on the site (down on the right hand side) yet more fun free publicity.

so yeah if you use digg feel free to go on over to the story and digg it - woo hoo ultimate!

edit - whoa, craziness i literally just posted it and already 3 diggs, well i for one am impressed, ultimate more appealing than old stalwarts once thought? meh