Monday, August 14, 2006

WJUC 2006: Day 1

As of right now according to score-o-matic...

USA beats GB 11-2
Finland over Isreael 12-1
Colombia over Sweden 7-4 in the first half
Canada over Australia 8-6 at half time

the games for the girls dont start til 10:30 unfortunately, but heres what the first round schedule looks like -

USA vs. Australia
Finland vs. Canada

Looking at those results and in progress scores from above some very interesting trends beginning to take form. Colombia is definitely a surprise to me and Finland is also somewhat unexpected, it seems as if all the pre tourney chatter was USA, Canada, Australia. The second round game between Finland and USA should be one to watch, as will be the Canada vs. Sweden, and Colombia vs. Australia for that matter.

If you've got scores later in the day post em as comments, im off to work.


Alex Peters said...

USA - 17, GB - 2

So I guess my prediction of the USA totally owning GB was completely unfounded. Wait, they are just completely jet lagged, that's it. They will destroy the US in the finals!

Anonymous said...

Canada beat Australia 17-14

Ryan said...

USA - Australia and Canada - Colombia in the semis - you heard it here first.

(How could I root against Colombia?)

Mike Mullen said...

I'm off to Boston on the redeye in an hour. Here is my prediction though I saw the first day scores. Both US teams will win in the finals 17-10 or better. My reasoning is that the US jumped way ahead in development in the last two years with most of the west coast switching to single gender from coed and of course all the extra high level experience gained by players at Westerns,Easterns, and YCC.


Kevin said...

After watching the girls play today I might agree with you on their side, but no way on the boys side.

Boys game is 17-14 US. Early preview of the finals tomorrow at 4 PM, in a game that is suddenly much more important than originally thought. With Australia giving Canada a game the thought is that they will take 3rd. Therefore, the loser of the Canada/US game has to play Australia in the semis while the winner gets whoever emerges out of the Columbia/Finland/Sweden/GB dogfight (GB most likely, maybe Columbia)