Thursday, August 17, 2006

WJUC 2006: Day 4

Day 4 begins with the last round of pool play looking into the brackets. USA looks poised to capturing both titles with Canada looking at a distant second place.

Whats left of competition -
Open first round today...
USA 6 Australia 0 (first half)
Canada vs. Great Britian
Sweden vs. Israel
Finland vs. Colombia

If everyone holds seed this sets up the following semifinal today at 1:30pm
USA vs. Colombia
Canada vs. Australia

The girls will be starting semifinal play today at 10:30am with the following matchups...

USA vs. Finland
Canada vs. Australia

Look for USA to take both of those semifinals relatively easily, the dogfight in both will be between Canada and the Aussies. If there were an upset id wager it to be on the guys' side of things, but as of right now its looking like a North American world championship is in order.

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