Thursday, August 17, 2006

WJUC 2006: Final day preview - USA vs. Canada

Both USA and Canada took their semifinals fairly easily in both division setting up the final day of competition tomorrow with the battle of the 49th parallel, rumor has it the teams have wagered Montana and Saskatchewan respectively.

My preview/predictions will come as no surprise it will be USA grabbing the gold. The boys from up north might be able to give USA somewhat of a game, but the red white and blue crew will prevail as a result of their deep bench.

The first matchup between the two open teams went 17-7 in favor of the electoral college and apple pie and i dont see the final being much different. (The girls' went 17-8, interestingly enough)

Live scores will be posted on Scoreomatic. Comments and contrary predictions welcome.


Ryan said...

USA. Both games, both big.