Wednesday, August 16, 2006

WJUC 2006: Day 3

Day three commences, first round of play is over -

Canada 17 Finland 7
USA 17 Israel 0
Sweden 12 Australia 15 - (Tied at 10s before the Aussies took control)
Great Britian 5 Colombia 16

Round 2, set to begin at 2:15pm, buts USA vs. Sweden, Canada vs. Colombia and Australia vs. Israel. Im seeing USA, Canada and Australia come out of those on top, but Colombia might have something of a surprise stored up, ya never know. Showcase game is at 3pm with Finland vs. Great Britian which should be a tight game.

Canada 8 USA 17
Finland 11 Australia 13

Round 2 pits Finland vs. USA, and Canada vs. Australia - USA and Canada both won these matchups earlier in the week, it will be interesting to see which opposing teams [if either] can cut the goal differential, thus far USA has outscored their opponents 82-22


Ryan said...

So, how many USA players are wishing they did YCCs too?

tiinabooth said...

Speaking for the five ARHS players on the Worlds team, I would venture, "None." Every one of them had personal or work commitments that only allowed them time for Worlds or NUTC. However, I do think that the Amherst varsity/JVA/JVB and middle school players who went to YCC had a valuable and fun experience. At least that's what they tell me.

Kevin said...

Also, from what I hear, the open team was based out of Boston which is a good 2 hour + drive for Amherst... not fun for practices.