Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The revolution will not be televised...

But i imagine its results will be published online and in Ultimate News. From the UPA newsletter sent out a few hours ago -


The UPA (and Ultimate) is thriving - youth participation has exploded (from 342 in 2001 to more than 4300 in 2006), total membership has seen a 62% increase over the past five years, almost 600 have participated in the UPA Coaching Clinic program, College Championships are broadcast on CSTV, Ultimate is a medal sport in the World Games - but where canUltimate Revolution and will it go next?

Your UPA Board of Directors and staff made a decision in July to embark on a sixteen month journey to develop a comprehensive strategic plan based on feedback from thousands of voices in the Ultimate community, and we are committed to involving both members and non-members in every stage of the process…including the assessment phase which will take place over the next six months. The first phase of the assessment, a one page survey, is being distributed at a broad spectrum of club and league tournaments throughout the country right now! Please let us know what you think by filling out one of the surveys.

In the spring of 2007, a series of regional community summits will be held where the results of the assessment will be shared and participants will use the information to envision the future and strategize and prioritize together.

Look for announcements on the UPA web site, Ultimate News, at events on how you can share your voice. Ultimate Revolution – It All Comes Back to You. Help the UPA create a revolution in sport.
i imagine a more in depth discussion of the survey itself and what peoples responses might be will develop in more depth after WJUC, but in case anyone wants to talk about it here and now. anyone wanna take a guess as to whether in the first sentence they were talking about players or teams with those numbers? im gonna guess players but by my calculations there are roughly 350-400 teams currently playing high school disc, and even at 15 per team thats 5,000+ on the conservative side. also are those just the numbers for youths registered with the UPA? because i think that would explain a little bit of my confusion, i assume so, but who knows.

id add a link to a source so ya'll see i wasnt making it up, but as far as i can tell the message was only sent out by email. WJUC coverage resumes tomorrow by 10am, im personally looking forward to the USA vs. Sweden game and Great Britian vs. Colombia should also be a tight game, looking at the scores at least.


Fantusta said...

Re: numbers.
Plenty of teams have less than 15. Wissahickon, neh?
But also, not even close to every team registers everyone for the UPA. In PA, the 9 teams that went to states from PHUEL maybe, but other than that, no team had any reason to sign up. So those numbers don't get counted.