Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quasi-Mid-Week WJUC Breather

WJUC 2006 is well under way, with some very interesting, and occasionally surprising results through the week thus far. It will definitely be interesting to see how the rest of the week turns out, however, i for one am suffering from a slight bit of WJUC overload. Team USA Team Canada, rsd, scoreomatic, WJUC so many acronyms.

So heres a thread to talk about whatever ya want non-WJUC related, for example Alex Peters at http://ultimatefris.be just released the rest of his YCC pictures which are looking very sweet. Anyone know why Eddie Peters has a professional looking microphone in one of those pics?

Saturday pics
Sunday pics
[edit 12:04am - 8/17] - and Finals pics

WJUC coverage will resume tonight or early next morning...


Alex Peters said...

He is being interviewed by Cartoon Network. They were apparently on hand to film a show about "extreme" sports, which is especially odd considering it's *cartoon* network, but whatever. They interviewed several people from many teams, and shot some of the game action. I'm sure the UPA will notify everyone when the show airs in a month or two.

Alex Peters said...

I also just want to note that that's not all of the YCC pictures, there are still about 100 more from the finals and a bunch of shots of Philly kids mugging with their gold medals.

Also I've decided that after my summer league game on wednesday I'm going to drive up to Boston and shoot Thursday and Friday at the WJUC even if it means sleeping in my car.

Anonymous said...

matt - without the "www." in front of ultimatefris.be you link to a strange site in Belgium and dont get to see the pix

McCabe said...

good lookin out with the last comment, that will be fixed in the post shortly.


Julian Hausman said...

I just found these, tons of pics of all divisions: