Saturday, July 15, 2006

open thread of sorts

discussion has been running a little slow lately, anyone have anything to say??

3 days until the CSTV events - Philadelphia and Seattle will both have events, organize one in your town and let us know about it. also, you can let people know you're going to the Philly event if you have facebook by clicking here.

there are three, hold up THREE YCC showcase games going on this week - anyone have some predictions??

Sunday 7/16 - Pittsburgh's Impulse vs. Iron City Ultimaten @ 11:30am at Upper O'Hara Field
Monday 7/18 - Philadelphia's SEPDA vs. OLD SAG @ 6:00pm at Edgely Field (Fairmount Park)
Sunday 7/23 - Seattle's Sun Shine vs. Voodoo @ 9:30am at Safeway Fields at University of Washington

lets here what the people have to say - anyone out there?


Anonymous said...

Does scrimmaging Masters teams give adequate preparation for a youth club tournament? I'd imagine most masters teams play far different than the YCC teams they're likely to come across.

Now, I'd like to see how the US Juniors would match up against some of the mid-elite club teams ...

billy said...

Have you ever seen O.L.D. S.A.G. play? I'm not sure what the YCC teams will do this summer, but S.A.G. run a lot of horizontal stack, huck plays from the vertical stack, and zone to man & other transition D. and I think that they beat the mid-elite club teams last year at Sectionals.

Frankly I think that the novelty factor of having the old dudes play the young kids would be worth the price of admission.

I say that if it's windy the masters win easily with zone. If it's a still day the kids will run and huck their way to a victory.

By the way, SEPDA is a great name. Although last time I was on the R2 it broke down in Folcroft.

Anonymous said...

The Colorado boys YCC team is scrimmaging the Denver Youth League All-Stars this Tuesday at Schaefer Athletic Complex (Hampden & Kipling) at 5 (?)... should be a good show.

Fantusta said...

Well, OLD SAG demolished the "PHUEL All-Stars" in the first matchup, but SEPDA is a better one, and we've actually had time to work together, work on playing together, etc.
This game is also a fundraiser for us -- spectators/hecklers are encouraged to put money down on the game, in some convoluted system Rob Olson came up with. Suffice to say, go SEPDA!

PS: Captains for SEPDA were named this weekend:
O-line: Noah Saul
D-line: Eddie Peters

Julian Hausman said...

Pittsburgh played ICU Sunday.

It was an intresting matchup, ICU being much more experienced, Impulse having some talented players and much more athleticism. Iron City Ultimate is about on par with OLD SAG on the masters scene (At Nationals, OLD SAG finished 5th, ICU 6th). Impulse struck first, with its D-line taking a 2-0 lead. From there, it would be a very even matchup up until half, ICU tied it at 5s, matching points at 6s and 7s. ICU had a big huck to take half 8-7. After half, Impulse couldn't get it started, and ICU went three strait points to make it 11-7. The YCC boys went back and forth with ICU until 14-10. Iron City swilled a pass into the endzone, overthrown by about 4 feet, but another ICU player grabbed it before it hit the ground, and ugly way to end the game. Impulse definately could have won the game, but just couldn't get it started in the begining of the 2nd half.

The Pittsburgh YCC team will still have plenty of practice before nationals, this upcoming weekend we are going down to Louisville for Swill in the Ville. The week after, we will have a rematch with ICU.

Impulse also announced its captains this past week,

O-line: Chris Brenenborg
D-line: Julian Hausman

Alex Peters said...

OLD SAG beat ICU 15-9 at nationals last year.

Anonymous said...

What happened with the Seattle game?